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The Pumpkins are Coming, The Pumpkins are Coming...

Some of the pumpkins are still green...
Some are Blue!...
                                                              or Stripey....

                                         While others are starting to colour up nicely for fall..

Yum, pumpkin pies, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin stirfries, pumpkin soups, fall decor,and best of all... some carved pumpkins for Hallowe'en! 
This years pumpkins are Tonda Padana (decor and cooking), Sweet Baby (for pies, decor, and cooking), E-Z Grow and Howden (cooking, decor, and carving), Rouge Vif D'Etampes (decor and cooking),  Blue of Hungaria (cooking, decor), plus Long Island Cheese (decor and pies!)  See you soon at Nitty Gritty Green House for you fall floral and decor needs.

Update on Heirloom Vegetables

The August heat and draught is upon us, though summer has been very short indeed. Cool and cloudy weather prevailed till mid July, leaving hot weather crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in very short supply this year.
Here are a few that have, if not quite thrived, at least produced some fruits to our labours.

Belarussian Heart is doing well in the garden, despite the cool spring. will try this one again next year and hope for an earlier start. If it can produce such lovely, huge fruit on a bad year, imagine what it might do on a good year?
Mortgage Lifter us producing like mad, in the greenhouse. Is another very large tomato, with deep wrinkles.
Jersey Giant, a blocky, heirloom, paste tomato, is long and square, similar to a pepper in shape and size. Is producing well outside, again, despite the conditions. Worth growing again next year.
Chinese Five Colour Hot Pepper, needs a few more days to start colouring up to more than one colour.
Italian Pepperoncini. Cannot wait to t…