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June in The Potager - Magical

A few pretty pictures Of the potager in the month of June... Breadseed Poppy in bud.
Breadseed Poppies in bloom.

Breadseed poppies in pods.
Now the waiting begins... a couple of months for the pods to brown and dry...
Lots of lovely poppy seeds for baking are in each pod!

 Aquilegia's in bloom

 Biedermeier Aquilegia  The herb bed with chives in bloom. Chives in bloom
Honeoye strawberries ripening....  Found a wee artichoke!

Garlic scapes for dinner, mmmm!  Peas are flowering... Calendula in bloom Happy Gardening!

The Potager in June

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June. ~ Al Bernstein Well, as with most years here on the island, June is wet and cool, after a lovely month of May. Not sure where Al Bernstein lived when he wrote this quote, but likely not in the PNW ; ) Delilah eating peas... The positive to this weather is that you peas will love it, the greens, lettuce's, radishes, and cool weather crop will continue to thrive and not go to seed, so keep planting and enjoying!  The negative is, of course, that this would be the time to plant warm weather crops and is much too cool for them to thrive.

Once the weather warms and the rains subside, this is the time to plant these guys from seed (or transplants) ...
Veggies - corn - beans, all kinds - cucumbers - squashes - zucchini - pumpkins - tomatoes, peppers and eggplants can finally go outside - continue planting beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, lettuce, chard, scallions and spinach

Keep in mind when planting the new lettuces, spinach, rad…