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What to Do Now?

Is nearing the end of August, and folks are wondering what to plant now?

Herbs to plant now....

Cool season herbs can be planted from seed now..
Please keep in mind that as you seed, you must also keep the soil damp. If you do not, the seeds will either wither and die, or then they will sprout, only to then wither and die.

- dill
- chives
- parsley
- cilantro

Vegetables to plant now from seed....

Please make sure that you are purchasing seed for winter or fall vegetables, not summer/spring ones... as they will not perform as well. Shops should actually not sell the wrong seed at this time of year, is not ethical, but read the packaging, because every so often, some shops will...

-  Cabbage ( Look for Danish Ballhead, Ermosa, January King)
-  Carrots ( Scarlet Nantes, Bolero)
-  Lettuce ( Winter Density, Rouge D'Hiver, Continuity)
-  Peas
-  Radishes
-  Onions (Walla Walla)

Veggies from transplants ...
-  Sprouting broccoli
-  Cauliflower
-  Cabbage
-  Kale

Flower seeds to…

August Ramblings in The Potager

Wow, things are really rocking in the potager... wish I had planted more goodies this year ; )

By the time September Ramblings rolls along, we will have moved into our new digs, with no gardens (yet!) but a whole lot of potential. Stay tuned for all the building of the new potager and perennial rose bed, plus the set up of the new and improved Nitty Gritty Greenhouse and shop.

This year, I am cleaning up the beds here earlier than I would otherwise, in order to have them ship shape for the new peeps. They could probably benefit from some cover crops, however, will have to hope that they are into that kind of thing. Feel like it is not really my place to seed them, lol, as I will not be here to turn them over.

That said... here's some glimpses of the early August garden beds...

Oh, and a whole lot of artichoke pics ; )

Artichokes just about to 'flower' Artichokes in flower : ) Humming with bees! They simply love to burrow into the bottom of the 'blossom'!  Purp…