Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Workshops 2015 - Food for Body and Soul

Here at the Nitty Gritty Greenhouse and Potager, I grow all sorts of heirloom vegetables for family and friends in the greenhouse and raised bed potager.

Potager (Puh-ta-zhay) is a lovely French word for kitchen garden, but is way more than just a kitchen garden.
Is a word that is all-encompassing, that simply, in just one word, describes a wonderful blend of vegetables growing with herbs, and annuals, perennials, fruiting trees, and small fruiting shrubs. A word that means a bounty of food for both body and soul.

There is nothing more gratifying than growing ones own food, and nothing more delicious.

In the greenhouse, I grow peppers, eggplants and tomatoes, as they are lovers of heat.
In the long 40' raised beds, I grow all the rest.. herbs like oregano, basil, thyme, parsley ...  heirloom carrots, beets, corn, squash, peas, beans and more... plus flowers, both annual and perennial, to make a full complimentary potager.
Is a true blend of everything, a happy companion garden that is organic and healthy, abuzz with bees, beneficial bugs and critters of all kinds.

In spring of 2015, I will be sharing some of my ideas, thoughts and skills with you all in short, informative workshops, to help you create your own idyllic potager.

These workshops will be held in the garden shop, the greenhouse or in the potager, here at the Nitty Gritty.

Mastering skills kind of workshops!

 Grow Great Peppers and Eggplants Workshop

1.  Grow Great Peppers and Eggplants Workshop

This workshop is at the end of January and first of Feb. It is held early as one needs to start real early in the year in order for them to be garden ready by early June.

Learn how to start these persnickety veggies from seed and care for them through till harvest in late summer and fall.

Choose from a variety of fabulous heirloom seeds here at the greenhouse, plant them up, and take them home. Learn how to care for them from seed to seedling to plant to harvest. Go home with the potential for 24 plants of hot peppers, sweet peppers and/or eggplants.
The price for this workshop is only $25.
There is an optional supply package of items to help you with your growing for only $40.

Dates : Sat, Jan 31
            Sun, Feb 1st
Time : 1pm - 4 pm
*snacks and bevvies included

 Grow Great Tomatoes

2. Grow Great Tomatoes

From seed to harvest, how to grow great tomatoes.
Plant them here, choosing from  a huge selection of heirloom varieties for the potential of 24 plants!
We go over the best medium to use, watering, lighting, etc..  then you take the seed trays home and grow them on at home, with how-to info for successfully taking them from start to finish.

Price : $25
* Plus, optional supply package of items to help you with your growing $40 
Date: Sat, Mar 14
          Sun, Mar 15
Time : 1pm - 4pm
*Snacks and bevvies included

If you do not have the space or place to start your own seedlings at home, or do not want the muss and fuss and mess in the house, buy your peppers, tomatoes and eggplants from me and attend this following workshop instead...

Tomato and Pepper Growing Mastered!

3. Tomato and Pepper Growing Mastered!

Now that you have your tomatoes, peppers and eggplants planted, or are ready to pop them in the ground or pot, here is a workshop on how to master growing them all summer long, till harvest, for the best results each and every year.

How to grow, prune, feed, water, stake, harvest, prevent disease and pests.

Price : $20

When : Sun, June 14th
Time : 1pm till 4pm
*includes snacks and bevvies.
 Make Great Soil
4. Make Great Soil!

Great organic soil is all about feeding the soil to feed the plants. No need to ever use additional fertilisers if you have great soil. Not many of us here on the island are able to start with fabulous soil, but I'm going to teach you how all this is possible.
Save both time and money by investing in your soil, no further feeding needed during the growing season.

Learn how to test your soil, read the results and amend accordingly to make a happy, healthy, organic fruitful garden bed.
We'll go over the ideal pH level and the best N-P-K. Learn what the deficiencies look like, what they do to your crops, and how to fix the deficiency in an organic and healthy manner.

Price : $20
Price includes a 10 test Soil Tester Kit to take home with you  ($10 value).

When : Sun, April 12th
Time : 1pm - 3pm

How to create your own fabulous potager workshops...  

At the old location, the former Nitty Gritty Potager

1. Grow Your Own Food/Kitchen Garden Workshop 

How to plan and create a fabulous, organic potager of your own. Learn how to choose plants, have good soil and grow great, happy, healthy plants

Info on planning, making, watering and fertilising, composting and companion planting. 
Everything you need to know, suitable for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced gardener.

Food for thought, for body and for soul.
This is a comprehensive workshop, lots to go over for a how-to-do your own potager from start to finish. 

Price : $50
Includes organic heirloom veggie/flower seeds to get you started.

*light luncheon and bevvies included.

Date : Sun, Mar 29th
Time 11am till 4pm

 Pic from the Internet... Edible Landscaping!

2. Edible Landscaping 

Learn how to incorporate edibles in to your existing garden beds. Add great form, texture, colour and grow lots of food for the family, too.  

No need for that garden bed made especially for your veggies, incorporate them right in with your existing beds and pots and planters.

Price : $20

When :   Sun, Mar 22nd
              Sun, June 7th

Time : 1pm till 3 pm

The Perfect Kitchen Garden ... possible?

3. How to Have The Perfect, Organic, Kitchen Garden

Okay, so we all know there is no such thing as the perfect garden, as so many things are out of our hands, but here are some tips and tricks to minimise the possibility of problems arising and increase your success rate.

Learn how to grow really healthy happy plants, prevent disease and repel pests, and have a stupendously fertile, 100% organic veggie garden, using organic methods and companion planting practises.

Price : $20
*Includes snacks and bevvies

When : Sun, May 3rd
Time : 1pm - 4 pm

 Fabulously Fun Gardening Workshops!

 Container Veggies in the Nitty Gritty Greenhouse!  

1. Container Veggies! 
How to grow all kind of great edibles in pots and planters. Looks good and tastes even better!
Find out what veggies will work, starting from seed or transplant, soil blends to use, and how to care for everything from start to finish!

Price : $20
Take home two packages of organic, heirloom seeds to get you started.
*Includes snacks and bevvies
Date : Sun, April 19th
           Sun, May 17th

Time : 1pm to 4 pm

 Tomatillo's from
Make salsa either from tomatoes or tomatillo's

2. Grow your own salsa garden! 

Grow everything you need to make your own salsa this year! This is a super fun workshop and comes with a plan, a recipe and all the plants, too! 

With each jar of salsa costing $5 or more at the grocers, it is much thriftier and tastier to grow your own salsa fixings! Make either fresh salsas all summer long, or can your own for winter eating.. or both! 

Includes tasty recipe, garden plan idea, what you need to grow, and how to grow them. 

Price : $40 with all plants included.                                                                   

Date : Sun, May 24th
Time : 1pm till 3pm
 This great homemade veggie pizza pic from
Come out for the Grow Your Own Pizza Garden Workshop!

3.  Grow your own pizza garden!  (this can also be called 'Grow Your Own Spaghetti Sauce Garden')

This is another really fun gardening idea, a great fun workshop. You kids will love to get involved with planting and caring for this garden bed, growing all their own organic pizza fixings!

Includes a couple of really great recipes, a great garden plan, what plants to grow and how to grow them successfully!
Eat yummy, organic pizzas all summer long and can sauces for all winter long.

Price : $40 with all plants included

When : May 31st
Time : 1 till 3pm

The nitty gritty details... 

Hope you all can join us at the Nitty Gritty Greenhouse and Potager this spring for these great workshops. They are informal and fun, and very chatty, as you all know that's the kind of gal I am.

To make each workshop more fun and even more informative, please bring lots of questions and feel free to dive in with them at any time.

Want to get someone a workshop as a Christmas gift? Gift certificates are available!

Here is the link to my wee webpage for more information about all the workshops and all my contact information.

Questions? Please contact me anytime. I'd love to hear from you. There is nothing bloggers love more than feedback ; ) Let's us know that someone is actually out there!

Are you a love of hanging baskets? Planters, too?

The blog post with information about all the fabulous, hands-on, plant-up-your-own basket and planter workshops in 2015 is coming soon. Can't wait? See them all HERE!