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#1 How To Grow Great Potatoes!

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Here are some tips for how to grow the tastiest, healthiest crop of spuds ever... and a bumper crop, to boot.

1. Soil

The perfect soil for growing potatoes is rich, loose and friable (crumbly), kind of sandy, plus a bit on the acidic side.

If this is not your existing soil, here are some ideas and tips for how to amend and create perfect soil for fabulous spuds...

To make it rich and friable....
- You want to add great compostable matter such as leaves, leaf mould, compost, pine needles, straw, etc.. to the beds to add friability and to retain moisture. Do not add large amounts at one time, as highs amount of organic matter will give you scabby spuds while it breaks down.
- Or... Throw in a handful of red wigglers with your organic material, they will break down the organics and amend your soil!
- Add well rotted manure or compost, however do not place these directly onto the spud, mix with soil first.

Good to know... 
- If you have heavy clay,…

January Ramblings - Welcome 2014!

Welcoming the new year, 2014!

I am starting this year with all kinds of dreams and wishes for a fabulous year at the new homestead.
A new home with a new yard. A new location for the greenhouse with a fabulous new garden shop and new potager, too. Shaking off 2013 and looking forward to a new year.

We have found a great contractor to start renovating this dated, awkward, and non-functioning house into a lovely, practical, and functional home.

Hubby and son are working on the garden shop, getting it ready for gardening workshops, seeds, and seed potatoes. The new potager will go in for spring planting, and the greenhouse is well on it's way, hopefully to be up and running by the end of this month (fingers crossed).

The yard is going to take a bit longer to get up to snuff as we have an acre of it. Am making a three year plan, so that with luck, time, lots of work and money, all the bones of the garden will be in and just waiting for the finishing touches ... in time ; )
I alread…