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Scented Geraniums In Your Potager

Pop your scented geraniums in pots and planters throughout the garden...
Scented geraniums. I adore them! A true heirloom plant that has been around for hundreds of years!

Prince of Orange

They are naturally scented wonders of the plant world. No one had to add anything to them to make them so fabulous and fragrant, they just simply are! 

There are so many choices available, from floral ones to fruity ones, spicy ones and oddly varied, really pungent ones.

Some that I have grown are Prince of Orange, Lemon Fizz, Apple, Citronella, Rober's Lemon Rose, Attar of Roses, Pink Champagne, Ginger, Coconut, Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, Balsam and so many more. Love them and cannot get enough of them.

Here are some of the uses ... this is why I love them and why you will, too!

Dry the leaves to make a great potpourri or to tuck into sachets for the linen closet or lingerie drawer.

Add fresh leaves to the tub when running the water, or into a pail of warm water, to make for a lovely, scen…

Common Problems and Simple Solutions

I look back on other June blog posts and am amazed at how different it can be from one year to the next..

That said, however, some of the issues from year to year and month to month, are about the same...
Here are some common issues we see at this time of year and how to deal with them ...

Most common problem ... or problem # 1

I have had many people talk to me about this.. it can be your annual bedding plants, your veggie transplants, your roses or your one gallon fruiting shrubs... and ornamental ones, too.

The foliage is looking kind of limey green instead of a healthy dark green ... (tomato, cucumber, squash, pepper, flower, shrub, etc.. )

Caused by - Most often this is simply due to the fact that the plant has been living in a wee small pot and is no longer able to get enough nutrients from that wee amount of soil.
Annuals in 6-packs needing a home, tomatoes waiting a few weeks for warm weather before they get into the garden bed, root bound blueberries or grapes, or lilacs, etc.…

June Ramblings

The month of May was pretty fabulous all in all this year.. lots of sun, some rain, gardens are thriving... and so here we are in the month of June, already!

Baby limes on the Bearrs lime!
June is the month of sunshine and strawberries, of peas and gardens planted, sitting back to water, pinch, and enjoy...

Honeoye June-bearing strawberries
What to plant this month... This is it, this is the big month, the time to plant out all your warm weather crops. However, please keep in mind that the weather can be pretty iffy so if we get some cool weather, wet weather, etc... please cover your warm weather crops!
Also, harden off your plants by gradually accustoming them to the outdoor conditions... if you were to simply buy them and plunk them out into the garden on a 24 C sunny day, you would likely find yourself with a real bad case of sunburn!  
From Seed - cucumbers - zucchini's  - pumpkins - beans - squash - cabbage
- basil!
From transplants - tomatoes - peppers - cucumbers - zucchini…