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Tanja's Top Twelve Heirloom Tomatoes 2016

I usually only rate the top ten tomatoes of the year, but as this year was an exceptional tomato year, have decided to pick the top 3 tomatoes in each of the four categories; cherries, slicers, pastes/plums (aka Roma style tomatoes), and beefsteaks.

Even at that, I had a hard time narrowing it down to just three of each.


Perfect little poppers! 
1. My favourite tomato in the entire garden this year was, by far, the Elfin grape tomato.

Everything about this tomato was excellent (growth, productivity), but it truly won number one status due to its fantastic flavour. Elfin was the best tasting tomato in the garden this year.    
A small, red grape or pear shaped tomato. The shape varied a wee bit, some were kind of pointy, while most were blunt at the bottom, as in the picture above.  

Elfin is a determinate (bush type), not a big plant, so can easily be grown in pots or in the garden. Is a good producer of sweet, thin skinned tomatoes that grow in clusters, perfect…

September Garden Ramblings

I can hardly believe is September already. August just fairly flew by as I prepped for the garden tour and wedding, and here we are with summer near over!

Lots to do in the garden this month with the harvest season upon us!

Late Flat Dutch Cabbage
What to do this month?
September is the one of the busiest months of the year for gardeners. Fall harvest, canning, freezing, drying, storing, and fall planting, too.

What to harvest...

Tomatoes - They are ripening before our very eyes this month. Freeze them, dry them, sauce or salsa them for canning, and slow roast the rest.

You may find yourself with splitting tomatoes with all this rain we've had lately. Splitting fruit is just the meat of the tomato growing faster than the skin can keep up with. They are fully edible, just will not store well... and are terrific for stewing ; )

Green tomatoes can be made into a lovely Chow Chow, a green tomato relish that tastes fantastic. I know that a lot of places will recommend that you ripen gree…