February Ramblings - Garden and Greenhouse

*This post was first published in February of 2016. 

I am so excited! It's the month of February already and spring is oh so close!

However, the weather lately has been less than spectacular for us gardeners, with January being very, very wet! Hoping for drier days this month!  

So then, what all is going on for us gardeners in February? A wee bit more than last month, but still not a whole bunch. If you did nothing gardening related this month, I bet no one would even notice ; )

First of all... in the yard and garden beds. What to do out there? 

- Prune your fruit trees and spray with dormant oil/lime sulpher to kill any over-wintering pests or fungal issues. Only spray if you had pests or fungal probs like scab, etc.. last year. Be sure to prune on a warm and sunny day (no wet weather) to avoid spreading or starting fungal/disease problems.

- While you are it, prune and spray your roses, too. This will help to reduce black spot in summer!

- Deadhead your pansies and violas, pi…

February Greenhouse Ramblings

While it is still a titch early to be doing much out in the yard, in the greenhouse everything is slowly starting to come alive. Days are longer, warmer, and brighter, encouraging plants to put on new growth.

The February to-do list is not yet very long, mainly preparation for the busy times ahead. Just enough to do to keep your green thumb from itching.

Clean up...
Never the most interesting nor exciting part of growing, a clean greenhouse is a necessity for a healthy start to the new growing season. Best to remove all pests and diseases before you fill the greenhouse with tender new seedlings.

If you did not do it in the fall, maybe you were too pooped out, or maybe you were stuffing it full of plants to over winter, this month is a great time to get everything spic and span. Wash the walls inside and out to allow in more sunshine, clean up tracks, corners, anywhere bugs may be hiding.

Start with clean, sterile plant pots and equipment. Wash with soapy water and rinse in a 10% blea…

Buying Your Dream Greenhouse

My greenhouse is from BC Greenhouse Builders
Thinking of buying a greenhouse? Wondering what you need to know to make sure you get the greenhouse of your dreams?

1. Questions to ask yourself
To build yourself or to buy a kit? Do your research as there are pros and cons to both. Check out the greenhouse kits that are on the market, what they have and why. Consider how you would implement these accessories into your home made version. Looking cute and charming is not enough, you need it to function well, also.

What materials to build your greenhouse from? This depends on your budget, your climate, and what you want to do in the greenhouse. Will an unheated coldframe or hoophouse work for your purposes, or do you need a heated greenhouse?

Do you tend to get lots of snow? heavy wet snow? high winds? extreme cold? extreme heat? Do you need it to be sturdy? What kind of a frame will you require to hold up to the conditions? Pvc, aluminum, steel, or wood? The pitch of the roof is a considerat…

January Gardening Ramblings

January... the month of planning and dreaming... 

I spend most of my days in the office this time of year... ordering seeds, setting up spring workshops, garden planning, filing, organising....

Listening to gardening podcasts and audio books sure helps make office cleaning more interesting.

What do we gardeners do this month? 

Go through seed catalogues, make lists of old favourites and add a couple of new things to try this year ... a different carrot, a coloured cauliflower, an heirloom that you have never grown before. You just never know, it may become a new must-have in your garden.

Go through your seed stash, make notes of what you have and what you need. Take the list with you to the Seedy Saturdays and Sundays. I go in armed with a list and a budget to limit impulse purchases. It is super easy to get carried away at the 'Seedy Days', picking up way more seeds than one actually has room for in the garden, or time enough to sow and grow.

Do up your garden plan. Order seed…

A Year In My Greenhouse

A year in my greenhouse ... Every month in the greenhouse is brings on something new, with lots of changes. 

January ... Baby, it's cold outside.... 

But, all is tranquil, warm, and toasty within. The calm before the storm.    

February ... and so it begins. 
Greenhouse workshops have begun.  The greenhouse is still fairly empty of plants and seedlings 
... room for folks to come on in and play...  
Is the beginning of seeding, cuttings, and potting up time.  
March... things are starting to get a bit crazy!  Seeding is in full swing, plus transplanting hundreds of little seedlings into their own pots. 

The greenhouse is full to the brim with plants, and more plants.  They are everywhere... on the floor, on the tables, even stacked upon each other.
No more room for people or in-greenhouse workshops. 

April... is quite honestly, just a bit insane!  Doing tons and tons of transplanting. 

Whew, just a couple of weeks later...  ...the transplanting is done, hanging basket workshops have begun!  Yay, what…