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Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes ready to pick in May? Crazy!

Here on the west coast, we usually get scapes in June and harvest bulbs in early July. However, a mild winter and hot, dry spring means an extra early start to everything this year.

Scapes are the lovely, curly tops of hard-neck garlic stems. You won't find them on the Italian soft-necks, the braid-able varieties.

These curls begin to form about three to four weeks before the bulbs are ready to be harvested. Removing the scape is said to put the energy back into the bulb, making for a bigger, plumper garlic bulb. However, do not fret if you missed some, for quite honestly, I have never noticed much difference in size whether I did or did not snap them off.

They are incredibly delicious though, so picking them is a great idea ; )

With your fingers, simply snap the curl off just above the last leaf. Do this when they are young and tender as they will get woody and fibrous if left too long.

Scapes can be sauteed, made into pesto or hummus,…

Month of May - Garden Rambllings

Wow, finally May and time to really get the garden going. The weather is fantastic, lots of sunny weather.. though it looks like we are heading for a drought year again.

Cover carrot seeds with burlap to keep them moist till germination occurs
What to do in the potager?
- Set out your weeping hoses or set up those drip tubes in preparation for the dry, hot summer ahead.
- Plant seedlings and sow seeds. See below for the list of what to plant now....
- Keep seeds moist when germinating! Carrot seeds, especially, will quickly dry up and die if not kept moist till you see green tops coming up. I like to cover mine with burlap sacks, watering through the burlap, till I see germination in 7 to 10 days.
- Harden off seedlings before planting them outside, to prevent sun-burn. In other words, acclimate them to more and more sunlight over a period of two or three days before putting out in the beds.    
- Clean out your winter veggies to make room for spring and summer veggies, all those boltin…