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January Ramblings - The New Year 2015!

The start of a fresh new year and brand new gardening ideas, plans, aspirations, and dreams.

My daytimer with seeding dates, the planner for this years thoughts and ideas,  plus last years planner (to check on my notes, thoughts and customer requests.) Then hubby went out and bought me another one ....  
I am already making plans for this year's new and fresh summertime colour combinations.

This year I am drawn towards both crisp and muted lime/acid greens, mixed with loads of blue and purple, plus something bright to make them pop, like maybe orange and/or red.

Will be incorporating these fabulous hues everywhere in the yard, through potted roses, hanging begonia baskets, sunny moss baskets and mixed planters galore.

For retail, I build baskets and planters of all kinds and colours, though, so have no fear if this is not your colour scheme this year! I love best the special orders and requests, so bring me your ideas and I will run with them! : )   

A collage of colour inspiration f…

Common Gardening Mistakes Beginners Make!

Welcome to the exciting world of growing your own food.

There is nothing quite so gratifying as the sense of accomplishment that comes with harvesting food from the garden that you planted yourself, from seed to seedling to harvest...

Just as there is nothing quite so disappointing as a garden that fails to thrive. 

Occasionally, you end up with a crop of tomatoes, or cukes, or squash, with less than stellar results for reasons that are totally out of your control. This may be due to inclement weather (think hail, winds, heavy rains, late frosts), or bugs, or sometimes disease (which is also often caused by weather ; ) ....

However, more often than not, successful growing and gardening is actually not out of our hands, we are the masters of our own universe.. or our garden, in this case. 

Here are the 5 most common reasons that gardens fail to thrive and how to avoid these mistakes for a bountiful harvest each and every year.

Garden soil and compost.
1. Soil - The number one reason fo…