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Garden Reflections

Here we are at the last day of 2015 and the final blog post of the year. Hoping you all had a fantastic year and wishing you much gardening success and joy in 2016.

Frosty blooms  #frostedflowers

What a year it was here at the Nitty Gritty Greenhouse, a great year, but with some bumps and bruises along the way.
Slowly but surely this grassy acre is becoming a lovely little homestead, thank you all for bearing with us during the process.

Your visits to the nursery absolutely make my day! My week! My month! I so enjoy seeing you all and chatting gardening, pets, life, weather...

The workshops were a blast, as always! Swapping stories and laughing with you all as we tackled growing our own organic food or made pretty baskets. To attend one or more of these fabulous and fun workshops, please go to the link HERE. The tab up top will show you both lists, DIY's and How-to's.      

In the potager, the gardens thrived, produced, and grew like mad, even as we dealt with drought and se…

Garden Trends 2016

Here it is again, time for my most fun and favourite post of the entire year! The garden trends post!

Can you guess what is trending in the upcoming garden year?

1. Plugging in - Computers, phones, tablets, cameras ... put them to use in the garden, too!
Technology plays such a huge part in our everyday lives, it just stands to reason that we find a way to use it in the garden, as well. Techie skills can now help us grow better, smarter, plot out garden designs, track our plantings, crop rotations, identify plants ... and share our bragging rights, too ; )

More importantly though, technology is also helping get our wee generation, the kidlets, outdoors again. Learning how to build bat houses, save monarchs, count bird species, hike with gps, scavenger hunt, hike for flower/critter photos, build bean tee pees ... Reconnecting with nature, health and fitness, in a fun, new, innovative, and interesting way.

Rose petal soap 2. The Maker Generation - Yuccies are sup…