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Adding Autumn Colour

'Tis time to add some terrific fall colour to your porch, your steps, and all your pots, planters, baskets, and window boxes, too!
Here are some great flower ideas to get you started..  

The first flower that comes to mind in fall is, of course, the Garden Mum aka the Fall Mum aka the Chrysanthemum.
Mums come in all colours and kinds, so is easy to find one, or three, to suit your fancy! Pop them individually into pots or make a planted fall arrangement with the mum as the star attraction.
They are perennial here on the island so can be grown in your garden beds.
The look terrific grown with grasses and Black -Eyed Susans.
Or enjoy them in planters by your doorway first and then transfer to the garden when you change up your planters for Christmas.

Mums will not actually open their buds until cooler temperatures hit, so buying a mum just as the buds are beginning to crack colour is assurance that you will have many weeks of terrific colour!

The same goes for the ornamental ca…

September Ramblings

Wow, September already!

There is so much to do in the garden and yard this month that I barely know where to start!

Garden harvest is early this year.

We seem to be several weeks ahead of the game this year, due to the drought and tough watering restrictions. Here are some tips on how to get the rest of your vegetables to finish off in preparation  for garden clean up and winter.

-  Nip the tops off of your vining tomatoes so they stop growing/flowering and instead put their energy into ripening the remaining fruits.

- Cover tomato plants from fall rains to prevent catching Late Blight. Leave the sides and ends of  your cover open to prevent the build up of condensation, which will also spread the fungal spores.

- Vines may start to yellow now and perhaps even have powdery mildew. At this stage of the game, just finish off the last of the cucumbers and do not worry about trying to treat the mildew.

- As with the cukes, do not worry about the powd…

How to Store Your Harvest

Galeux d'Eyesines heirloom squash
September is here and harvest is fast approaching ... but what to do with the all the extras? How best to preserve your summer harvest well into fall and winter?  

Beans ...
- Pick when the vines have turned yellow and the pods are light brown in colour.
- Dry the pods in a dry, warm place till they are crispy. Shell and place beans in jars. Store in a cool, dry and dark place like a store room or pantry. Will keep for years.

Green, wax, or purple snap beans
- Pick when at their prime.
- Blanche and freeze
- May also be pickled or canned. 

- Harvest when most of the tops have folded over. If not all tops have yet toppled, give the rest a push of your hand. Best storage success happens if you wait till 80 to 90% of the tops have folded over on their own.
- Leave folded onions in the garden for another week for them to fully mature.
- Onions, like the Stuttgarter, that are spicy and hot and really make you cry, are going to be really go…