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For Sale.... Yep, Relocating

So, you've driven by ... and seen the sign ... the big For Sale sign?
... and wondered what is going on?

It's true, sadly, we are indeed up for sale ...

However, please don't freak! You can relax! ... We are only relocating, not moving away :)

All will be well, I will still continue to grow your organic heirloom goodies for spring, stunning and glorious roses,  and all kinds of fab flowers....

Ludmilla's Red Plum heirloom tomatoes :) Love Rose in Tree Form aka Rose Standard  Rose Standard (tree form rose) Angel Face
For health reasons, the stairs no longer work for me, and therefor we seek a flat home, a rancher, no steps, and so no falling ;)

These are the stairs that give me some troubles... Great, big, beautiful cedar plank stairs that are fab for seasonal decorating!
Till then...

Are you seeking a new home, less than 3 years old, a home with a creek that runs along side of it? Where the the air is fresh and clean, with no street noise? no traffic? Just the sou…

Winter Gardening

Winter Gardening is such a mis-leading name as it conjures up visions of lush green veggies growing throughout the garden in winter ...

Which is not how it actually works..

So... Winter gardening is actually planting/growing in summer to harvest during fall or winter, or even next spring...

Delilah and I picking carrots in end November/early December
Here's what I mean...

Start in flats or pots and plant out in May or June for harvest in fall and winter, and next spring...
- Leeks!

Start in pots or flats in June to plant out in August (or buy transplants in August and plant) to harvest in early spring next year...
- Broccoli raab
- Onions

Direct seed in garden to harvest in fall...
- Broccoli
- Brussel sprouts
- Cauliflower
- Cabbage
- Parsnips

Start in pots of flats to plant out in August to harvest throughout winter...
- Cauliflower
- Cabbage
- Kohlrabi
- Kale

Plant seeds, to harvest in fall
- Broccoli
- Kohlrabi
- kale

Plant transplants (seedlings) of t…

August Greenhouse Ramblings

August - Such a fabulous time of year in the greenhouse and nursery...

Though much watering is going on, just to stay on top of things...
We also have lots of ripening fruits!

Cukes, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers ...
Plus gorgeous late summer blooms.

'This many tomatoes are ripening every two to three days... I am living off of tomato and onion sandwiches, yum! .... with a glass of red wine, of course!
Canada Long heirloom paste (sauce) tomato! Wow!
Morden Midget Eggplant... so cute, and loads of them on this one little plant!

Pesta heirloom bi-colour beefsteak! Huge!

Ludmilla's Red Plum hiermloom paste (sauce) tomato How lovely is that, eh?

Corno di Toro Rosso (aka Red Bull's horn)  is so big and heavy that it lost a whole branch today! Hmm, is hard to pick out the peppers from the foliage as they are still green...  However, I assure you... there are tons!
This Alma Paprika Pepper is simply loaded down with these pale yellow, really pretty fruits!... but, uhm... Am kin…

Garden Chores in The Summer Heat

Wicked hot lately here on the island! Days are hot and nights are warm, sleep is restless and so ...

Most of what we all do now is water, water, and water... and then hide in the shade during the afternoon heat!

So, the weeds grow wild and take over, the empty beds lie unattended, and plants languish in the heat.

Nicotiana and Pumpkin blossoms in the cool of the morning well, okay, if you can call 18 C a cool morning ;)
 Changing up the format of the weekly chore log to let you not only know what I am planning and trying to get done ;)
but also throwing in more of a general to-do list, an idea on things you might want to tackle this week in your gardens.
Plus helpful hints and things to consider. 

In the Potager aka Kitchen Garden
- Ugh, much weeding to do! My potager pathways have run amok with weeds and with all this heat, have been totally neglected ... perhaps today is the day!
- Have planted up the winter bed with kale, carrots, and several varieties of lettuce and spinach, so…

August Ramblings

Harvesting has begun!

Though it always lovely to look at a lush kitchen garden, this time of year the beds are emptying out very quickly!

Pumpkins are thriving on the blueberry berm. Lots of sun and heat, room to sprawl.
The second batch of peas was harvested, blanched and frozen, and then I planted yet one more row, to try for a fall crop, even just a wee one. As peas like cooler temps, they will not (did not) germinate as well as they did in the spring, .

Also, harvested two beds of potatoes, the winter onions, and some of Delilah's carrots.
This first crop of carrots is a new one for me, you know how I like to try new things! These are called Danvers Half Longs. They are about 6" long and very tapered, very nice looking and tasting.
These veggies were all dropped off at the local Loaves and Fishes food share.
Sadly, I did not have as much to share as I would have liked, because I only planted for the family... not realising that Loaves and Fishes takes home grown garde…

Mid August Chore Log

Wow, can this month go by any faster?
Seems like it was just in mid-summer and here we are almost at back to school time!
Plus, nights are cooler, mornings dewier,  and days shorter :(

However, all kinds of fruits and veggies are ripening...

Peche' Jaune Heirloom Tomato 
The harvest has truly begun... saucing, canning, freezing, roasting, drying...

Musica garlic 
In The Potager
The potager is in good shape this week, much was accomplished but it is starting to look much 'emptier'!
Is kind of sad, but as much as I adore the look of a lush summer potager ... harvest is the reason we grow it ....  eh?

The nicotiana is blooming heartily around the pea trellis and 3 Sisters bed, and wow, that fabulous fragrance! It may not be the prettiest flower, but it does have a one of the best scents ever!

Nicotiana Scensation
- Harvest Romanesco zucchini's before they get too big! 
- Rip out more of the old Totem strawberry plants, leaving just a few to keep training 'babies&…

Chore Log Week 2 August... Lots of Harvesting!

Busy, busy and busy times...

Around this time of year, we are happily harvesting some of the fruits (and veggies) of our labours ... 
Almost daily, more and fresh goods are ready for picking, eating, freezing, or processing.

Things That I am Harvesting 
- Potatoes
- Onions
- Carrots
- Blueberries
- Raspberries
- Black Currants
- Cucumbers
- Tomatoes (not from the garden yet, only from green/hoop house)
- Kale
- Herbs, of course, mainly Basil, eating lots of pesto pizza

The Speckled Butterhead lettuce finally also bolted. This great variety was the last to bolt, is soft and tasty, my favourite type of lettuce. Hubby and Baby Girl enjoy the crisp Iceberg types, which bolted long, long ago.

All varieties of lettuce and spinach have now bolted and been removed, but I will soon be starting some new. 
A friend of mine in Ontario, the sweltering heat belt of Canada this year, is still enjoying her Cut and Come Again lettuce mix (Mesclun Mix), eating salads daily! She grows it it in a pot …