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Make Some Organic Anti-Flu Brew!

Seems that cough, cold, and flu season is once again upon us, so here is a recap of my all time favourite, organic, homemade cough and cold fighting syrup. It also works well as a preventative as it boosts your immunity.

This yummy flu brew is my go-to remedy whenever the throat begins to tickle or the chest feels heavy. I make loads each winter to share with family and friends, plus give as gifts.

What you need? ...

Organic lemons - Homegrown or organic as you will be adding the peel, too.
Ginger root - Just a small knob will do you! 
Honey - I am blessed to have a terrific local honey farm just a few minutes down the road. Support local, if you can.


I use one half to one whole lemon per jar. Scrub the lemon well, and slice into thin wedges, quarters, slices, anything you like. I tend to use really thin half slices or thicker wedges that I quarter. Remove seeds and any tough, pithy bits.

Peel the knob of ginger and slice into small discs. I like to slice the disks into s…

Fall Garden Chores - November ramblings

November is generally the second wettest month of the year here on the west coast (second only to January). Luckily, there are a few garden chores that we can still get out of the way before we hunker down for winter.

What to do this month? ...

My wee little Meyer's Lemon tree
In the Greenhouse ... 

- Bring your citrus trees into the greenhouse/shed/cool bedroom for the winter. Is not that it is too cold for them yet, but it sure is starting to get too wet for them. Citrus prefers to be kept on the dry side at all times so all this rain will make them very unhappy.

Please remember that citrus trees do not want to go indoors to a warm room, they will suffer dreadfully. If you bring them indoors for the winter, choose a bright yet cool room, kept at 5c to 10C.

- Water sparingly and carefully. Keeping greenhouse plants on the dry side and not wetting the foliage helps to prevent mould and stem or root rot issues.

- Remove any spent blossoms or yellowing leaves immediately to prevent fun…