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July Greenhouse Ramblings

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I am starting something new and exciting this month. Have been mulling this around for a bit, and so, in addition to the monthly Garden Ramblings post, will also be writing up a monthly Ramblings for all you greenhouse growers, or potential future greenhouse growers.

As with the 'Garden Ramblings', will be all about what to do each month, how and why I am doing it, plus any concerns, issues or problems that arise, joys and successes. Whatever is going on at the time, I will let you know about it.  
Therefore, without further ado... this is what is going on in my greenhouse this month.
Summer has finally arrived on the island, plants are starting to grow and thrive in the heat and sunshine. I think my peppers and tomatoes shot up several inches in just the last few days. Amazing! 

Tomatoes are forming, pepper plants are flowering and making lovely wee peppers. 

Tomatoes and cucumbers are strung up to the rafters. The str…

July Garden Ramblings

Summer has arrived on the island, and with it comes the annual drought season.

So... what are we doing this month? Watering and watering some more, of course ; ) 
Watering everything ... except the garlic, that is. These last few weeks before you lift your garlic, let them go dry, do not water. Too wet soil and too wet garlic may mean rotten or mouldy bulbs, and garlic that does not cure well. 
For more information about garlic, when to harvest, and how to know when it is ready to go, see HERE!

Watering the garden

Do not water from above! This promotes diseases and fungal issues, keep your foliage dry. Water slow and deep with drip tubes or weeping hoses.

Deep watering promotes deep roots, which means healthier, sturdier plants that can withstand the hot, dry summers we have.

Deep water slowly once or twice a week, depending on the veggie. 

Once a week... potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, peppers, eggplants, corn, herbs, cabbage, kale, leeks, parsnips, rutabagas, turnips...
Twice a week…

It's Okay To Buy Those Half Priced Annuals

Long weekend plant sales are everywhere, half-priced at the grocery stores, nurseries, and box stores. Everyone is trying to offload their lanky, limey, sad looking annuals and bedding plants.

Go ahead to buy them! Be not afraid. There is nothing wrong with most of those plants that a wee bit of tlc will not fix. 

This week, I found myself needing to a few more flowers to add a little something something to the greenhouse. So I ventured forth to see what I could find ...

Geraniums are always a safe bet, even if they are lopsided, yellowing, lanky, and/or not flowering. They also happen to be one of my favourite annuals for pots and planters.

Both ivy and zonal geraniums can quickly be cleaned up, made to look good. Having a party in a couple weeks? No problem. They will be ready to rock your party.    

A pinch here and there, they will pop right back as if nothing ever happened. 
Other sun loving plants that I might look at ... verbena, scaevola, lobularia, and perhaps those short dah…