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March Garden and Greenhouse Ramblings

Wow, March is finally here! The month that heralds spring and the potential for a glorious gardening season ahead....

Of course, March had to come in with a real bang! Pouring rain all day long and predicting more of the same for the entire week ahead. Le sigh!

However, should all this rain be followed by a few days of sunshine and warmth, gardens will explode with growth and colour!

Birdbaths are over-flowing with all this rain.
What to do this month in the yard...once it stops raining....

 It is a busy, busy month of weeding, pruning, soil testing and amending, sowing and growing.

Princess Margareta English Rose
- If you have not yet pruned your roses, now is the time. Prune English David Austin, hybrid teas, and most all other roses to about half their current height to promote great flowering this year.

Winter leeks with bunny damage - Amend your beds ... add a layer of manure or compost on them to start breaking down and feeding your garden in good time before you plant.

Should y…