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Rainy Day Garden Planning

It's raining, it's pouring... hoo boy, the rain is coming down in sheets today!

Greenhouse is swept and clean, shop is ready and waiting, weekly seeding is all caught up ... so what is a bored gardener to do?

Just so happens that rain days are perfect for jotting down notes and plans in one's journal ... and catching up on laundry, too ; )

I start with a brand new, fresh journal book each fall. So, I shop around for months, looking at journals, notebooks, daytimers... till I find the look I want.

I love pretty covers and pretty pages, too. Coiled spines so the pages stay open with ease, and lines to keep me on the straight and narrow. 

My garden journals run from September through August annually. Why start in fall? Well, because I use mine as a planner for the upcoming summer rather than a record of this years happenings. Therefore, having notes about the current garden helps me plan for the year ahead.

If you want a record of the annual garden happening, starting in Jan…

February Ramblings - Garden and Greenhouse

I am so excited! It's the month of February already and spring is oh so close!

However, the weather lately has been less than spectacular for us gardeners, with January being very, very wet! Hoping for drier days this month!  

So then, what all is going on for us gardeners in February? A wee bit more than last month, but still not a whole bunch. If you did nothing gardening related this month, I bet no one would even notice ; )

First of all... in the yard and garden beds. What to do out there? 

- Prune your fruit trees and spray with dormant oil/lime sulpher to kill any over-wintering pests or fungal issues. Only spray if you had pests or fungal probs like scab, etc.. last year. Be sure to prune on a warm and sunny day (no wet weather) to avoid spreading or starting fungal/disease problems.

- While you are it, prune and spray your roses, too. This will help to reduce black spot in summer!

- Deadhead your pansies and violas, pinching them back if they are leggy. Spring bulbs are…