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How To Over-Winter Glads, Dahlias, Canna's and More....

Is just about time to lift all your tender summer blooming bulbs, corms and tubers for the winter... canna lilies, calla lilies, dahlias, begonias, eucomis (pineapple lily), and gladioli.
Here in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, garden zone 7, we can leave our dahlias, glads, and callas in the ground year round ...  but we do so knowing that a tough winter may cause us to lose some or all of them (some of the dinner plate dahlias can be quite tender).

Always lift your Canna lily bulbs, begonia tubers, and Pineapple lily bulbs. 

If you live in a cool garden zone, cooler than a zone 5, you will need to lift all those bulbs, corms, and tubers each fall in order to not lose them over winter.


I always lift my glads in fall as I grow them in the potager, amongst all the vegetables in the raised garden beds. They are moved around from year to year, planted wherever I feel the need for more height, colour, and/or pollinator attractors.

Glads just pulled and being hosed …

Tanja's Top Ten Tomatoes - 2014

Each year, I grow and sell anywhere from 40 to 50 varieties of tomatoes at the greenhouse .. and, of course, feel that I must personally trial each and every one of them ; )

However, this spring, I sold out of some varieties before pulling my own tomato plants aside, and was therefore only able to test run 36 of the varieties. Oops!
This is not a really bad thing though, as some of them were varieties that I have grown for several years already, so am more than familar with their traits.

This years winners are chosen only from those 36 varieties that I grew this year, though please note, the ones that have made my top ten list in the years past, will stay on the my favourites list forever.
These are all varieties that you can feel good about growing in the PNW.  The gardening zone here in Nanaimo, British Columbia is 7, with drought conditions in summer and long, wet, cool springs. 
For past years favourites, please see here.... 

Here, in no particular order are this ye…

October Garden Ramblings

What to do in the month of October? 
Perk things up with fall planters... 
Add fall colour! 
Plant up or purchase lovely fall planters to place on your stoop, in the driveway, any place you can, to welcome in visitors and add a pop of fresh colour for the cooler months.

 Plant bulbs for spring!  Plant now for spring colour! 
Love to see the waves of tulips and masses of daffodils in spring? This is the time to plant for that spectacular sight! Plant in clumps of 3 or 5 or more for an eye catching look, do not plant in single rows or you will have the look of soldiers lined up for parade.

Have a deer issue? Plant narcissus, crocus, alliums, muscari and fritilaria for deer and bunny resistant plantings. Tulips are a deer favourite!

Plant bulbs in pots now for doorway brighteners in spring.
Layer with daffs planted down at 7 to 8 inches deep, tulips at 5 to 6 inches and crocus or muscari at 3 inches. For pot plantings, you should pick bulbs that will all bloom at the same time for the bes…