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Spectacular Hanging Baskets All Summer Long!

Baskets or planters starting to look a bit peaked in all this heat?

Here are some tips to help you keep your hanging baskets, moss baskets and planters looking fine now and all summer long.

Water well, till the water is liberally dripping from the bottom of the basket or planter.

Start by watering slowly in the centre, then water all around the inside edges of the basket.

Spray down the moss and thoroughly shower the foliage and flowers, too. This will help to wash off any bugs should you have some, plus help hydrate the basket/flowers.

Wash down all the foliage, flowers and moss, too each time you water!

When you have watered all your baskets and planters till they are dripping, start from the beginning and do it all over again!

I might even do it a third time, especially if it starts to flow out the bottom much quicker than you think it should be.

Place into basin full of water to re-hydrate if your basket has dried out.

When peat based potting soil dries out, it shrinks up …

Mid-June in the Garden & Greenhouse

Here we are in the month of June but it already feels like mid-July! So much heat for so long and so many plants well ahead of schedule.

It has been so warm that my De Cicco Broccoli is going to seed... time to clip off all the yummy side shoots, blanch them, and toss them in the freezer to enjoy at a later date.
Harvest any of your veggies that are starting to bolt as it is very difficult to stop them once they have started. Better to replace them with some other veggie that likes the heat!

Now to decide what to plant in this broccoli's spot? Think maybe some lettuce and beans!

In the greenhouse, the eggplants have doubled in size and are putting on flowers. Yay! Flowers means fruits! 

Keep your eggplants and peppers on the dry side and they will really thrive!

Tomatoes in the greenhouse are well on their way... hope to have some ripe ones by the end of the month! I was late potting them up this year, but they have caught up really nicely!

Tomatoes in the greenhouse! With th…

Organic Powdery Mildew Remedy

This drought has many of us facing powdery mildew on our roses already, so early in the year.

Make a milk and water solution that will choke out the mildew within a week or two.

1 part skim or low fat milk
9 parts water

Place in spray bottle and apply liberally to affected foliage. 

Thoroughly spray any affected areas with the milk solution, so that the mildew has been well coated.

Repeat in 3 or 4 days. You may need to do it yet one more time after that. Your mildew problems will be a thing of the past in just two or three applications.

This solution will work well on all plants with smooth leaves... tomatoes, peppers, shrubs, currants, and more, as it coats the spores and chokes them out.

It will not be quite as effective on hairy foliage, as it is unable to smother out the fungal spores, but will help slow down the mildew spread long enough for you to harvest your cukes and pumpkins.

Happy organic gardening!

June Ramblings

The first few days of June came in with grey skies, cool weather, and the hope of rain... which soon reverted back to blue skies, hot days, and no hope of rain.

One would generally think that would be reason to celebrate with much happy, happy, joy, joy... However, such is not the case here on the island. Our very dry winter and very dry spring has resulted in water restrictions a month earlier than usual, with bone dry garden beds and loads of heat!

If we can keeps things watered though, we and the gardens will thrive. All this lovely heat! My flip flop tan has been in place for weeks already ; ) 

My veggie washing station.... and the Red Ribbons tree form rose showing off it's colours.
What to do this month in the garden...

Water! .... Carefully : )

I really like these flat weeping hoses with the canvas outer layer... I find that the round weepers often get holes in them, very easily ... 
and then they blow huge holes into the garden beds!
Set up good drip watering system or weepin…