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How To Grow New Potatoes aka Baby Spuds

New Baby Potatoes Picture from
Wondering how to go about growing those lovely, new, baby potatoes for early summer eating?

The Soil...
Potatoes need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day and nice, loose, soil that drains well.

They grow well in soil that is slightly acidic or neutral. Sweet soils (alkaline) may cause scab to occur so do not lime your spud bed.

Add compost, manure and organic matter to your bed annually. This keeps your soil healthy and healthy soil gives you healthy crops. Organic gardening is all about feeding your soil to feed your plants, thus no need to additionally fertilise any veggies in a garden with healthy soil.

Spuds like potash aka potassium (the K in the N-P-K) so if you have a source of kelp or seaweed, add that to your potato bed and you will have lovely spuds. If you do not have access to the actual seaweed, you can spray some liquid seaweed onto the soil, before or during the growing process. You can also spray the liquid seaweed right onto the…

March Ramblings At The Potager

Bring in some fruit tree clippings for indoor forcing. They soon begin to flower, bringing with them the sweet scent of spring.
Welcome March, just days away from the official start of spring!
Here on the island though, spring has already sprung ... with daffodils, tulips, pansies in bloom, forsythia, cherry, and plum trees full of colour.
In other parts of Canada though? Very, very cold this year or buried 6' deep in snow. 

So... What's happening at the potager this month?

In the garden....

The rhubarb is coming up gangbusters!

Plum trees are blooming!
Chives Herbs of all kinds, plus flowers and bulbs, are all up and showing off for spring.   
In the greenhouse...

Roses are beginning to flush out.  The bare roots roses have been planted up and are starting to grow new shoots so that they can be in full flush of foliage and blooms by Mother's Day.

Peppers, hot and sweet.  The peppers seedlings are being transplanted into organic, bio-pots.

Arbequina olives
The Arbequina has st…