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August Garden Ramblings

Purple Tiger Roses
This is the time of year that I really start to hear from fellow gardeners.... but is generally never with good news.

Baskets not flowering, or gardens looked peaked, roses all spotty, wonky weird veggies, but most of all.. bugs, bugs, bugs.

 Aphids on roses
How to deal with pests in an organic garden?
Aphid control is all about perseverance. Spray the plant with a strong jet of water each and every time you are watering in the area. This will blow them off or blast them to smithereens.
If heavier artillery is needed, spray the plant, top and bottom, with insecticidal soap or End All, an oil and soap mix. I like to spray the plant down with water first, then use the soap, then spray off again after 10 or 15 minutes. This cleans off the dead bugs, removes the soap from the leaves, and helps get rid of any lingerers. Do this once a week for three weeks in a row to catch the aphids at each stage.

Cabbage Loopers are best squished and caterpillars, too. Squishing is the e…