The Potager

My potager in early summer. 

Potager is the French term for an ornamental kitchen garden.

It's not just a veggie garden, but a blend of flowers, herbs, and vegetables all grown together with the end goal of growing a beautiful looking food garden. Is food for the heart and soul, as well as the larder.

The bonus of this hodge podge planting is not only an amazing looking garden, but also a healthy and thriving, very organic garden. The flowers and herbs bring in beneficial insects and pollinators, help improve soil quality, and make for better tasting vegetables. Is the greatest form of companion planting, both pretty and productive.

My potager in late summer. 

My main potager consists of 7 raised beds, 40 feet long and four feet wide. These beds are fenced in to keep out my 200 lb garden helpers, who happen to love lying on the beds and digging up their own carrot treats.

An additional eight raised beds of various sizes are scattered around the property. One is for garlic, two for strawberries, one for roses, the other beds house different plants from year to year.

Wedding flower beds

This past summer, several of the beds held late summer flowers of all sorts, in hues of lavender, purple, and white for my daughter's wedding. The bees loved it, and so did I!

Having a constant supply of blooms around, ready for vases or gifting at any time, was such a wonderful thing, I've decided to incorporate cutting gardens into all my annual plans.

The potager changes from year to year, with only the perennials remaining a constant.  Each year I start with a new plan, new plants, new ideas. A bit of it is accredited to crop rotation, and the rest is just a gardener's right to change her mind ... over and over again ; )

The potager also changes from season to season. Here on the island, we are fortunate in that we are able to grow veggies year round.

To me, the entire acreage is 'my potager'. I incorporate edibles into ornamental gardens throughout the property. While the front yard is still very much a work in progress, all beds carry a hodge podge of plants, both edible and decorative. Blueberries live with roses, herbs with perennial border flowers, fruits, berries, and veggies tucked in everywhere.

Our 'wee orchard' is planted all along the fence line, amongst the climbing roses, with apple, pear, and cherry trees, one lovely fig, and assorted small fruiting shrubs of blueberries, currants, raspberries and more. If we eat it, I grow it.

Ruby Tuesday loves carrots. 

The entire family loves living the potager life. 

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