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Ay Caramba - It's Pepper Time

You may wonder why I always chat about peppers, Facebook about peppers, and blog about peppers in winter, since they are very much a heat loving summertime crop?

By mid January, peppers have already been on my mind for weeks and weeks as I began shopping for my annual seed order in December.

Peppers need to be started really early in the year, in February. One has a bit more leeway with the sweets as they germinate pretty quick, but the hots can be notoriously difficult to start. Some take many, many weeks to germinate.   
Greenhouse is full of pepper plants! 
I grow a huge variety of peppers, anywhere from 10 to 40 plants each year. When choosing which peppers to grow, consider first what you want to do with them.

Scoville Heat Unit Scale from Yakima magazine
Scoville Heat Units are used to rate the heat of peppers, ranging from zero to several million. At the bottom of the scale are the sweet peppers with zero heat units, and at the top are peppers with over a million SHU like the Gh…

January Garden Ramblings

I started thinking about spring gardening as soon as the yuletide was over. Well, it was actually during the holidays, but let's leave that as our little secret ; )

What to do this month? 

For the wildlife...

Feed the birds. I am still making lovely bird seed wreaths for the birds, as food sources are pretty slim pickings right now, with this unusually wintry weather.

Besides, wreaths look great hanging from my tree, and I so enjoy watching the birds flit about.

For three birdseed wreath recipes, please see HERE!

I saw a hummingbird in the tree yesterday and so am now considering putting out the hummer feeder, too. We have the beautiful Anna's year round, here on the island. Think they must really be having a hard time getting enough food from our frozen landscape.

If you are going to feed them, the Wild Bird Shop recommends that you use a 3 to 1 water/sugar ratio in winter and have two feeders on the go. Keep rotating them so that they do not freeze through. Put a cozy over to…