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Asparagus and More In The New Potager

Slowly but surely the new potager is coming together... hubby was able to build five of the raised beds so far, to get me started on planting this spring.
The new beds are 4' wide and 40' long with 4' pathways to allow for wheelbarrows and such...

The new potager in it's early stages.... on a very wet and boggy spring day ; ) 
The first thing to go in are the perennials, as they will be here for 20 years or more ... things like the horseradish, asparagus, and, of course, rhubarb.

Horseradish, by the way, is a very happy grower/spreader and so gets it's very own 4' x4' bed ... to prevent it from taking over the rest of the gardens. There is not much to say about planting horseradish. Lay the root on it's side in the bed, three inches deep, and it will grow.

Rhubarb, too, is fairly straight forward. Plant it in a bed that has been amended well with manure or compost as it is a heavy feeder. Dig a hole and pop in your plant at the same depth as it was i…

WAIT! Don't Plant That Outside Yet!

Nitty Gritty Greenhouse
I grow hundreds of heirloom tomato starts each year...I tend to keep about 40 to 50 for myself and sell the rest.

Each year, I have folks highly anticipating the summer season, the delicious crop of tomatoes, and so asking me when I am going to finally start selling my tomato plants ... By the way, they ask this while wearing their heavy spring coats, as the warm spring weather is often slow in coming, especially this year, it seems.  

Yep, you guessed it, you are so right.
Is way too cold to plant tomatoes for a really long time yet here on Vancouver Island. And I do mean everywhere on Vancouver Island, even the southern most tip!

Tomatoes are heat lovers and should not be planted in the garden until night time air temps are consistently around the 10C mark.
The soil will be then also be warm and you will be fine to pop the tomatoes into the ground. This occurs anywhere from the May long week-end on till sometime during the first week of June.

However, …

Garden Ramblings in April

Busy, busy month in the garden, is the month of April.

For many of us here in the PNW and on the island, this is the beginning of planting time.

Though we had a rainy and cooler than normal March, the month of April started off with sunshine and warmth. Hoping that bodes well for the rest of the month....

What to do in the garden this month?

- Plant peas.... if you already have, plant another row, if you haven't yet, plant now and again in two or three weeks.

- Plant potatoes. Mid month is when I generally plant mine. The beds are usually dry enough and warm enough to plant the chitted up seed potatoes and have them thrive. Do not plant in cool and wet soil. It is not good for your soil to work it when wet, and you risk your potatoes rotting in the ground.

- Plant spinach, mustard's, arugula, oriental greens, and all kinds of lettuce greens.... this is their time to thrive as they love the cooler temps. (succession plant)
- Kale from seed or transplants.
- Swiss Chard from…