Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Heirloom Tomatoes and Peppers

The tomatoes and peppers are ready for sale in 4" and 1 gallon pots but, sadly, the weather is so not co-operating. The air is cool, wind is bitter, sunshine is rare, and rain,hail, and sleet are a daily occurrence.

Once the air warms up, come by and pick up some heirloom vegetable starts like these great tomatoes that I am so stoked about this year. I have the famous (infamous?) well known Mortgage Lifter, also Hugh's Yellow, a delicious, peachy yellow, juicy, large tomato, and Amish Paste, which is a great, meaty paste tomato. Cherokee Purple is noted to be one of the tastiest purple varieties ever, while Kellogg's Breakfast is a huge, orange, meaty and super tasty tomato. Chocolate Stripes has a rich, sweet flavour and is very prolific, while Tornadose Des Conores is best for salads as it has a terrific balance of sweet versus acid. Jersey Giant is fabulous for canning, Ivory Egg for sauces and salads, Black Cherry for great grapes and Belarusian Heart for very large, heart shaped, red tomatoes.

Hot and Sweet Peppers from heirloom sources are also being carried, such as the Chinese 5 Colour Pepper, which produces different coloured, screaming hot, little peppers on the one same plant, a beautiful sight. The Hot Hungarian Wax, a well known hot variety, and milder hot of the red and orange Habanera's.
Tasty, Sweet Peppers such as the Italian Pepperoncini, a pickling favourite, Sweet Yellow Stuffing, a crunchy mini bell from Amish roots, Mini Salad 'Baby Bells are cute, sweet, and prolific, along with Corno Di Rosso 's, long, bull's horn shaped peppers that are super for roasting or eating fresh.

There will also be heirloom herbs, cucumbers, melons and pumpkins for sale. Now..we just need some sun and heat.

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