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April Garden Ramblings

The very cold and very damp spring has kind of dampened this ole gardener's spirit.

However, while I am less than impressed with Mother Nature, the cool weather veggies love these days of rain mixed with sunshine, so I keep slowly plugging along, prepping and planting!

Starting to think that we may have a super short spring and then go right into summer with a bang.... and cool weather crops do not like summer heat!

So plant them now, enjoy them fresh tasting, crisp and yummy, straight from the garden.          
Early spring veggies!
So, what to do in the garden this month? 

Pull out winter veggies going to seed. Harvest any leeks or winter broccoli that did not get eaten by the bunnies during the long, snowy winter.

Weed and top dress beds with manure or compost if this was not done in the fall. Add organic nutrients like blood meal, bone meal, kelp or seaweed, if needed, to feed your soil. Scratch these goodies lightly into the surface so that you are ready to plant right away.


Carrots - All Shapes and Colours!

I grow literally hundreds of carrots annually, in every colour of the rainbow, all shapes and sizes. The entire family loves them! Fresh, steamed or roasted, I have never yet grown too many!

I tend to grow carrots in blocks rather than rows, so that I can grow more of them per square foot of garden space. However, occasionally do rows for the look, depending on what suits my mood for that bed... on that day ; )  
For fresh from the ground carrots throughout (most of) the year, seed a block or a row every few weeks from April through till early July. Add a new block or a few extra rows when you lift your cool weather crops in June, the radishes, broccoli and cilantro that bolt in the heat!

Carrots, and other root crops, store well in the garden here on the island, no need to lift till you need them. If we have a hard winter, just cover with several inches of straw or mulch to keep the tops from freezing.

Carrots come in so many colours, from white to yellow, orange, pink/red, and purp…