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Over-Wintering Bulbs, Tubers, Corms, and Rhizomes

In temperate areas, one can leave the bulbs, corms, tubers, etc.. in the ground over winter and they will come up for many years.
Lift them every 3 or 4 years in order to clean them up and thin them out for the best blooms. 
Also, keep in mind that if you do not lift them and you have a colder year, wetter year, snowier year, you might indeed lose those tubers, bulbs, corms ... that you have grown for years.

This post details dahlia's and glads, but the same technique applies to all the various tender bulbs that you would lift in fall... Canna lilies, Calla lilies, Colocasia's, Crocosmia's, Anemone's, Begonia's, Freesia's, etc...
It also applies to hardy bulbs like tulips and daffodils, that you want to lift in order to move to another location or from pot to garden, garden to pot, etc... 

Dinnerplate Dahlia Dahlias!  Leave the tubers in the ground until the first frost has blackened and killed back the foliage. Cut the stem back to 6 inches tall. Loosen the…

Planting Spring flowering Bulbs in Containers

Love the look of pots of tulips and daffs in spring? Those bright pops of colour after a long winter of bleak and grey?
This is the time to create your magic and then sit back and let it all happen in spring.

You can use any kind of container and any kinds of bulbs... all will look spectacular!

I am not promoting this brand in any way, shape or form. Just showing a sample of bagged soil-less potting mix that I was able to find this fall,   at the box store, at a decent price.   Remember to only use a soil-less potting mix, the stuff that you can buy at the garden centres or box stores in bags or cubes, not the garden mixes that you buy loose in bulk!
I like to use ones that are high in porosity, containing a lot of perlite for great air flow and drainage, and thus strong roots.
Garden soil and loams will be too heavy, they get compacted by the rains and snow so do not breathe. Your bulbs will either rot or simply not thrive and not bloom. 

Anything goes when planting up your bulb…

October Ramblings and To- Do's

Stuff To Do This Month....

Strawberries -
Perhaps, you have been potting up your strawberry runners in wee pots? Or, maybe you have simply pinned them into place in the garden? You can now cut those new plants loose from the mother plants.
Or maybe you have dome nothing with them all season, and now have tons of runners all around your garden bed?

If your plants are younger than 3 years, remove the runners, add compost or manure around the mother plants, and you are set for lovely, huge berries in spring.

However, if they have fruited well for you for the past three years, now is the time to remove those mother plants and start anew with the runners.
After three years the berries will start to be smaller, misshapen, and dry, not as tasty, juicy or sweet as you would like.
If you plant them up now instead of waiting till spring, you will have great berries already next year.

If you have not pinned or potted up your runners earlier, you can still start a new bed with them this season…