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Heirloom Tomatoes and Peppers

The tomatoes and peppers are ready for sale in 4" and 1 gallon pots but, sadly, the weather is so not co-operating. The air is cool, wind is bitter, sunshine is rare, and rain,hail, and sleet are a daily occurrence.

Once the air warms up, come by and pick up some heirloom vegetable starts like these great tomatoes that I am so stoked about this year. I have the famous (infamous?) well known Mortgage Lifter, also Hugh's Yellow, a delicious, peachy yellow, juicy, large tomato, and Amish Paste, which is a great, meaty paste tomato.Cherokee Purple is noted to be one of the tastiest purple varieties ever, while Kellogg's Breakfast isa huge, orange, meaty and super tasty tomato. Chocolate Stripes has a rich, sweet flavour and is very prolific, while Tornadose Des Conores is best for salads as it has a terrific balance of sweet versus acid. Jersey Giant is fabulous for canning, Ivory Egg for sauces and salads, Black Cherry for great grapes and Belarusian Heart for very large, h…