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February Ramblings

The first few days of February were gorgeous, +10 degrees C and sunny. We are now into our typical late winter weather... lots of rain and around + 7 degrees. Is lovely either way.

I finally get to spend more of my time actually doing gardening related things at this time of year :)

In the potager (aka kitchen garden) out back, the raised beds are readied for spring planting
In the greenhouse, seeding and transplanting is underway in preparation for spring
In the perennial and fruit beds, the weeding and mulching has begun.
Everywhere else - weeding! As our property is not yet 3 years old, it seems that I am forever trying to stay one step ahead of the wild trees, shrubs, and brambles that sprout up by the thousands as the forest tries to reclaim it's land.

The backyard is separated from the woods by a 7.5' deer wire fence... it keeps out the deer, but not the forest. Here you can see the Salal and Mahonia at the fence line just chomping at the bit to get in...  ;)
The rasp…

Geenhouse Ramblings in February

The weather this first week into February has been fabulous.. +10 C and sunny every day.

In the greenhouse, all goes well.

Looks kinda sad this time of year, but has been sunny and warm so all is coming along nicely....
The heater continues to work properly and the heating cables are working a charm.

These sunny days help save on energy as it limits the amount of heating and lighting required.
Water is free and abundant as we use only captured rain water (see Greenhouse Goes Up) and in the winter on the coast, we tend to get a lot more rain than sunshine. This year, a lovely balance of far, lol!

January's plantings (artichokes, geraniums, Bellis, Campanulas) are now sturdy little seedlings that have been transplanted into their permanent homes. They are being fed once a week with a weak solution of organic liquid seaweed fertiliser.

Green Globe Artichokes have been transplanted into some of my new biodegradable pots. 
February has brought on the planting of early vege…