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Sigh.. Simply Cannot Take it Anymore!

One year ago... lovely, lush, green lawn!

Yikes! This is how it looks this spring... one year later...
Sigh... too much doggie 'business' has been 'done' to this lawn...

The culprit...

Delilah aka Little 'Lilah... 180lbs of Mastiff
Using the lawn as her own personal toilet... With 5 acres of land to roam ... Some is gravel drive, some is levelled with raised beds, pathways and gardens, the rest is lovely cushy wooded area,,, where the deer and the bear do their business!
 Surely there is a 'better' place to 'go?

Drastic measures have been adopted... after I scooped, raked, re-seeded ,top dressed and raked it all in again... The entire area was cordoned off
with lovely pink flagging tape...

In order to keep the offending culprit off the lawn.
With the hopes of a lovely, lush, small lawn space for us to walk upon with no fear of... well, you know.

Greenhouse Ramblings in March

I am starting to get so excited about the upcoming sales year.
Hoping that my customers and friends are just as excited about heirloom, organic, and sustainable gardening as I am!

Wait till you see the heirloom tomatoes and peppers ... to die for! Yum!
I also have some great ideas this year about specialised gardens in a deep over-sized 6-pack that I am super stoked about! Hope you all are just as excited as I am!

This month in the greenhouse, things are starting to size up pretty well...

These Green Globe Artichokes are sizing up really well..   I so love artichokes  they look so amazing in the garden as they grow up... whether one eats them or not
this is how they will look in several months...

Cool, huh?
Rose trees are planted up in organic soil and bio-degradable pots are now leafing out nicely!  Next month they will be all leafed out and started to bud out, ready to sell by Mother's day!

The organically grown, heirloom onions, leeks, celery, and cabbages are starting to s…

March Ramblings

Spring is near! However, mostly March has simply looked a whole lot like February ;) Not a whole lot of change... everything a little bit bigger but not yet much brighter...

The weather has been up and down, sunny, rainy, snowy, sleet, hail, and then repeat...

Blueberries and small fruits are really budding out....

Garlic is coming along... As it is a heavy feeder, I have top dressed and lightly scratched in a wee bit of  organic fertiliser to get it through till July. Can hardly wait till the  scape's are ready... sigh, I know it's not for another 3 months or more, but a girl can ( and does) dream :)

Roses and lilacs are budding out, as well... which is a real burst of happiness. Though the weather has been gloomy, it appears that nature slowly plugs along, and comes out just when it should.

Best of all, is the show of bulbs poking their way through the ground. Although I was certainly not enjoying myself last fall at bulb planting time, I am so glad now that I persevered,...…

For The Love of Potagers

Potager - from the French term jardin potager, meaning an ornamental vegetable garden, also known as a kitchen garden. A vegetable bed combined with flowers, fruits, berries, and herbs to make a complete yet aesthetically appealing garden.

A potager need not be large. as even the smallest plot is able to produce a goodly amount of fresh produce. Bio intensive gardening methods such as 'French Intensive" or 'Square Foot' gardening are two ways of getting the most out of your smaller plot. Both of these methods require investing in the soil to create better plants, good soil and great compost means feeding the soil as it feeds the plants.
The French Intensive method involves planting your seeds/plants close together, close enough that the leaves of mature plants will touch, this in turn keeps down weed growth and produces more crops. You also stagger your plantings and so plant new seeds in between the rows of already growing veggies. For example, to plant beans or pea…

Spring Has Sprung (Sorta)

Daff's are poking through the ground...:)
L'Innocence Hyacinths 

Brown Sugar Triumph Tulips and L'Innocence Hyacinths

 Spring is well and truly on it's way...