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Visiting A Sweet Potager!

Went to visit some dear friends in Errington, BC, a wee community outside of Parksville, on Vancouver Island.

Of course, fell in love with their potager and had to share with you all! Such a lovely little paradise!

I must apologise for the lighting, however.
As the visit was in mid-afternoon, during the brightest sunlight possible, the pics are a wee bit over-exposed!

Their growing area consists of a 10 x 20 greenhouse, a fruit tree orchard lane, and a fenced in potager with loads of charm and garden goodies! 

Dave and Janis have only been at their new home for about a year, and have already started to work on making the garden and yard self sufficient. They have a gazillion children to feed, only a slight exaggeration, and so the more they grow themselves, the healthier and less costly it is! Dave is a chef and makes the most amazing meals I have ever tasted, so creates some really fabulous meals with all the goodies that they grow!
The greenhouse is 10x20 with 3 windows on either…

Great? ... Expectations...

Gardening has it's moments, lol ....

Red Rock Mammoth Cabbage in early summer... just starting to form heads.  Lately, I have heard from many frustrated gardener's about rotting squashes, powdery mildew, all kinds of worries of things going wrong in the garden ... a failure to thrive, rot, powdery mildew, and more.
Most of the gardeners I have heard from are new gardeners, new to this gig of growing things, especially growing food.

I totally get it! I do! You really want everything you plant to thrive and do really well, and if it does not, it feels like a personal failure! What went wrong and why? What happened, what did I do?

And then it becomes....
Grrr, I will never grow this grunblegrumble-swearword broccoli again, or cauliflower, or zucchini, or tomatoes, or cukes.... lol.

Kali baby eating heirloom purple podded snap peas. 
So here are some tips to help you prevent the most common problems in your vegetable garden this year and every year forward.

Basic Rules
1. Mo…

The Mid-Summer Potager

Garden vegetables are growing in leaps and bounds at this time of the year.

Peas ...
Both sugar/snap and shelling peas are still producing. The more you pick, the more they produce! this also goes for the Sweet Peas : )
 These are purple podded, heirloom snap peas. They are as tasty as they are pretty! I generally eat these as I work in the garden... just making sure I have lots more peas coming on ; )  Artichokes are having a phenomenal year this year.  These are ready to be harvested now however, am considering letting the first one go to 'flower'. The problem is, letting them flower also weakens the plant so that it might not overwinter. Such is my dilemma. Love the 'flowers' but would hate to lose the plant, too. Will see if my daughter wants to cook up these pretty babies... You all probably know this by now.... I am all about the growing of the food... while hubby or daughter makes meals from the bounty! Though I am not big on cooking, I love canning and pres…

July - The Early Summer Potager

Oh my goodness! Here is is, July already!

We have had rain and more rain for the past few weeks, however, nothing like the rains in Alberta!

Cannot complain about a bit of black spot on roses and stalled cucumbers when folks are flooded out of their homes.

And now that July has hit, the temperatures are really high. From one extreme to the next ;)
Mother Nature has a wicked sense of homour.

Quite surprisingly, the tomatoes are thriving in the rain. Remember to remove any foliage, esp from the bottom of the plant, that looks yellow, wilty, etc...  immediately. This will help to prevent fungal issues like Early Blight taking over your tomatoes.   Deep water at ground level every 3 days or so. Do not splash water on the fruits or foliage. Feed your tomatoes with a foliar spray of liquid seaweed ( I like Reindeer), or compost tea, every couple of weeks.   The artichokes are going to be amazing this year! Want a winter garden? Psst, winter gardens actually mean, start them now, they…