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Garlic Planting On A Great Sunny Day!

Lovely day today to plant up some garlic. Sun is shining and is T-shirt weather.

When To Plant
Garlic is best planted between mid September and end October here on the island.
The general rule for garlic planting anywhere is to plant it up in fall, about 3 to 6 weeks before ground freeze up so that it has time to set roots but does not start to grow above ground.
However, here on the island, is not an issue if you see green sprouts in early winter!

I generally plant mine in mid October but heard that we are supposed to have a stormy week-end, with lots or rain, gloom and cooler temps. The weather has already been cooler and wetter this month than usual and so I am thinking that winter may perhaps come earlier this year? Plus, the Farmer's Almanac seems to agree ; )

Of course, who know, it may just be a big trick and October may end up being spectacular. Either way, my garlic will thrive.

Soil Preparation  Garlic needs a neutral pH, and good nutrient rich loam in order to size u…

More Tips for Growing Great Garlic

I know I blog a lot about garlic growing, it has become a real passion of mine.
Is so gratifying to watch it grow from a small clove to a harvest of smelly goodness... is also fairly easy to grow, requiring little time or muss or fuss after the initial planting time.

This post is all about tips that will enable you, too, to have great success with your garlic growing, and therefore become fanatical about it, also.

- Buy great garlic from a great, reliable source.
If you do not have an organic garlic farm around or a garlic festival, go to your local farmers market. They will have organically grown, local garlic and you will be supporting local small mom and pops, too. If they do not have garlic for sale, look for a farm stand, a local garden centre, local seed sellers/companies, veggie and fruit stands, small local farms or organic food stores, co-ops, etc.. in your area. Organically grown garlic being sold for eating at your all natural grocers will likely be able to be grown,…

Heirloom Tomato Review 2013

Thoughts and musings about this years best heirloom tomatoes.

What an amazing year it was for growing great tomatoes!
I had little to no issues with Blossom End Rot (BER), very few bugs, and very little foliage issues - fungal or otherwise. Plants grew well and fruited well!

So, why was last year such a challenge and this year so amazing?
Well, the weather was certainly nicer this spring than it was last year, here on the PNW. So, perhaps it was simply a case of the right weather, at the right time of year, for the tomatoes to truly thrive?

This is how my tomatoes were grown this year...
They were mulched (in the raised beds) with landscape paper (like landscape fabric, except made for veggie beds, is brown paper, bio-degradable) to retain moisture and prevent weeds. Others were planted in 5 to 7 gallon black pots, as usual.
They were watered every 3 days or so in the beds, while the potted ones were watered daily.
Also, they did not get planted into the garden till pretty late i…

How to Grow Really Great Garlic!

Here we are at prime time garlic planting time. One of my favourite times of the year! Garlic is my favourite crop to grow, next to tomatoes, of course ;)
If you have not yet amended your soil, fear not, is not too late. Make your amendments now, about 2 to 3 weeks prior to planting. A well balanced, healthy soil is crucial to growing great garlic.
I will soon have the organically grown seed garlic for sale here at the new homestead, despite the fact that there is no greenhouse set up, as of yet....
Will have on offer ... Italian Red, German, Yugoslavian, Majestic, and limited amounts of Red Russian and Northern Quebec.    
Info about these varieties can be found on my wee web page..
Here again is my easy guide to planting and growing garlic ....

How To Grow Really Great Garlic...

- Add amendments to your existing beds about 2 weeks before planting ... compost, manure, fish meal, alfalfa, and rock phosphates are all good amendments.
- B…

September Ramblings & Garden To-Do's

- Shop for spring flowering bulbs!
Want a garden full of tulips in spring? A border of stunning daffodils? Alliums towering over your grape hyacinths?
Now is the time to buy and plant all those fabulous spring flowers!

Deer resistant bulbs to plants for colour in spring are ...
Narcissus of all kinds, daffodils
Muscari ( grape hyacinths)
Scilla (squill)
Chinodoxa (Glory of The Snow)
Galanthus (snowdrops)

- Plant up your spring planter now, too, with those bulbs!
Layer some daffs, tulips, and crocus in pots for early colour on your stoop come spring!

- In the yard, plant bulbs in clumps of 3 or 5, or in large drifts of blooms. Do not do single rows of bulbs, or you will have that soldiers-on-parade look in spring.

- Shop for garlic and get your bed ready for the cloves to go in towards the end of the month!

See this (and other) of my blog posts for how to prepare your bed and how to plant your garlic for the best results!