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The 3 Must Have Annual Flowers For Your Organic Vegetable Bed!

Ruby Tuesday as a wee puppy, stops to smell the flowers in my potager  I have long been an organic gardener, since the early days when 'green' was simply a colour. Therefore, I have also been using companion planting techniques for years and years, as companion planting is simply one part of organic gardening, helping us grow bigger, better, healthier and happier edibles.

Though I have gardened since I was a wee tot, my love for growing food really took off while we were posted to Germany with the Canadian Forces. Living in the Black Forest, where everyone grows food (and chickens) in their yards, really got me excited about gardening. Mostly because I had never seen gardens so gorgeous, so thriving, so ornamental, while also being super productive food growers. They have long since mastered this whole potager (kitchen garden) gardening thing, knowing that growing annuals and perennials in the same beds with your edibles (fruits, veggies and herbs) makes for a healthier and h…

February Ramblings

"The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within."
- William C. Bryant
February sometimes seems like the longest of months for many gardeners. We are all raring to go, to seed and plant and dig in the soil. Days are getting longer and brighter. Seed catalogues and magazines keep flowing in, flaunting gardens bursting with colourful flowers and veggies.... And yet, sadly, the cool, wet, rainy season is still in full swing here on the island while snow covers the ground in the rest of the country. Snow storms, blizzards, hail, ice storms, and snow, plus more snow, are not just a possibility in February, they are almost a guarantee.  
So, what's a gardener to do?
We've already talked about all the planning, journaling and designing you can do while you browse through the catalogues. Evaluating what worked last year and what didn't, what to change and what to trial this year. All that still applies, I continue to add to an…