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How To Save Those Seeds

My garden abounds with critters of all kinds, bees a buzzing, snakes a slithering, frogs a hopping, spiders a webbing and lizards a ... creeping (?) ...All kinds of creatures big and small, that make for a really healthy and happy kitchen garden-scape. Annuals contribute to the health and happiness of my gardens by bringing in all these garden helpers, repelling bad bugs, and also adding colour and a cutting garden, thus bringing joy to my heart and hearth, as well.  

Here are four really easy annuals to collect seed from and start yourself next year.... Nasturtiums, Calendula, Marigolds, and Sweet Williams. 

Nasturtiums add a great pop of colour to the garden, are a real treat cascading over the sides of the raised beds or vining and clambering over and through the beds.  They are a favourite flower of the hummingbirds, too, who just happen to eat lots of bugs, besides being wonderful to watch.  They also work as a lure crop, plant them near your cabbages to keep the aphids on th…

A Tomato Issue

This post was originally posted in August two years ago (August 8th, 2012), but I decided to re-post today as the issues are very pertinent to this year's tomato crops, as well.

Yay, tomatoes are now starting to put on fruit. Finally! After a long, cool, wet spring here on the Pacific West Coast...

Here are some Common Issues you might encounter this year, due to this type of weather pattern...

Blossom End Rot = the bottom part of your tomato (or pepper) develops a dark spot at the end of the fruit..
This is a common problem and is even more common for tomatoes that are grown in pots. That's because in ground tomatoes can form deeper roots and go after their own water while potted ones are dependent on you to be consistent with your watering. Tomatoes need regular watering, if there are fluctuations where they go dry for a bit, you will likely get some blossom end rot. This is not a really big deal, however, just correct your watering, try to be more consistent, remove the ble…

Hot Weather Watering and Other Tips...

The weather is hot and dry, has been for weeks, with no rain in sight. Flower baskets are looking bedraggled, gardens wilted and limp ...  Many of you are having a hard time keeping things adequetly wet without breaking the bank with your water bill.

Here are some tips on what to water, when to water, how often to water, and how to water effectively. And what else can you do daily or weekly, as things start to look a little bit peaked from the heat.

My moss basket in the front doorway, on the hot south side.. I spray this basket (and the others) all over, from top to toe and side to side daily ...
What to do DAILY? 

Watering annual flowers.... 
- Water all flower baskets and planters, in the morning, if possible. If that is not possible, water later in the day, after the hottest part of the day is done... 
- Spray down the foliage and the flowers in the baskets and pots, from top to bottom, as you water. This helps to rehydrate the plants and to rid yourself of any aphids or other un…

August Garden Ramblings...

Wow! Is August already!

Summer has been hot and dry here on the island, and continues to be so... trying to be water smart yet keep the potager from becoming a dust bowl.What a challenge.

Mulch, mulch, mulch.... and water deeply every 3 or 4 days. No sprinkling of water daily! 

Red Malabar Spinach ...  Yummy and beautiful.. loves the heat! Grow to 7 feet tall, or more!
Russian Blue and Sieglinde potatoes in the basket
We have picked some of our spuds already. The tops all toppled and were lying around, sprawling into the paths and over the sides of the raised garden beds. That is not an attractive or acceptable look in my potager ; )  
Red Russian and Lacinato aka Dinosaur Kale
Kale is thriving like crazy! 
Sorry about the hose in the pic ... is one of those shrinking hoses... I love it so much! 
 Raspberry Lemonade Zinnias!
The colourful pop in my garden this year is this fabulous mini zinnia! It comes in all these great colours!

Tri-Star ever bearing strawberries.
Alpine strawberr…