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March Workshops

Sign up now for workshops in March as they fill up fast!

Green Zebra tomatoes growing in my greenhouse Tomato Seeding and Growing Workshop ~ $25

When: Sat, Mar 14th This Workshop is currently full. Thank you! 

However, please let me know if you are interested, so that I can place you on the cancellation list. Also, if enough interest, I may put on a second seeding workshop.  
Time: 1pm till 4 pm *snacks and bevvies included
From seed to harvest, how to grow great tomatoes. This is a steal of a deal! 
Choose from a huge selection of heirloom seeds here at NGG. Sow the seeds here at the greenhouse. We go over the best medium to use, the correct watering, lighting, feeding, etc..  Then you take the seed trays home and grow them on. You will be equipped with all the how-to information to successfully take them from seed to harvest.
*Optional - purchase a $40 supply package to help you with your growing needs; heat mat, seeding dome, fertiliser,  etc...
Great pic of edibles living in harmony with f…

The Potager, The Greenhouse, & Me.

Most of you readers know what the Nitty Gritty Potager is, but might not be familiar with the Nitty Gritty Greenhouse? While we're at it, who am I exactly and what am I all about?

The Nitty Gritty Potager- A potager is an Integrated kitchen garden with a blend of edibles and ornamentals.

This is my personal kitchen garden, where I sow and grow food for my family and extras to share with friends. Is a blend of edibles and ornamentals growing in harmony, providing us with a healthy, vibrant, and thriving organic garden. Fruit trees and ornamental ones, too, berries and vegetables blended with all kinds of flowers. The potager is located right beside the greenhouse, and is open for one and all to poke about and see how things are growing. 

The gardens and yard are completely organic, the veggies are heirlooms, the annuals and perennials chosen to attract pollinators and good bugs, repel bad bugs, house the frogs, bats, birds, and lizards. An organic garden is ecologically friendly,…

February Ramblings

Things are starting to feel and look a lot like spring here on the island... daffodils are up, tulips are poking through, the sun has been shining and the weather has been delightful.

But please do not get fooled by Mother Nature! She is tricky, she is mean, she wants you to start seeding and sowing and planting away, with visions of summer dancing in your head... and then she is going to blast you with a huge dump of snow, or ice, or a week of freezing cold temps! Something to thwart all those visions and thoughts.

Snow fall in February last year and the year before! 
Please remember that February is often the month of snow while March and April, and even May, tend to be wet, cool, and grey.

Artichokes coming up in the garden.
So then, if you are not seeding and planting and sowing and growing, what are you actually able to do in the month of February?

Indoors where it is nice and dry and warm...

- Planning, ordering and making notes and lists are a great way to prepare yourself for …