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How To Feed Your Organic Vegetable Garden

Organic feeding of your garden and crops...

Top dress your beds annually with an inch or two of organic material
Of course, the whole premise of organic gardening is that you 'feed your soil to feed your plants'. Therefore, adding an inch or two of organic material to your veggie beds annually is the best and most efficient way to have healthy, happy crops all summer long.

Organic material to add annually may be... compost, manure, grass clippings, leaves, leaf mould, bonemeal, bloodmeal, alfalfa hay or pellets, chopped vines of peas and beans, etc...

But ... what to do mid-season if you feel that your tomatoes are looking peaked? Onions are not bulbing up, or cucumber vines are looking a bit more yellow than green?

Here are some ideas for that additional organic boost throughout the growing season.

Reindeer is an island product and is the best seaweed I have ever used! (No, I do not get any freebies or kick backs from anyone I recommend!) 1. Liquid Seaweed as a foliar feed.