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Garden and Greenhouse Ramblings for April

March came in like a lion and out like a lamb, with a whole week of glorious sunny weather to end the month.

April has already been all over the place, weather wise. Let's see if the nursery rhymes continue to have it right... Will April showers bring May flowers? Or is the drought going to start extra early this year? Fingers crossed for lots of sun.. and lots of rain! 
Where to start this month, as there is so much to do in the garden and greenhouse?  
Purple sprouting broccoli
Harvesting the last of winter... 
The winter veggies will be ready for the picking this month. Harvest them and enjoy, while making room for spring and summer veggies.

Most of your winter brassicas will put on a lot of new growth this month ... and then promptly go to seed. This is completely normal, the cycle of life. Harvest lots and lots, enjoy these fresh goodies, and then remove the spent plants from your garden. Maybe allow one or two to go to seed for 'free' plants.

Leeks - Pull your leeks f…