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July Ramblings

Such a crazy different gardening year thus far, as compared to last year. Last year was hot, hot, hot and dry, while this year has been mostly grey skies, high humidity, lots of wind, and some cool temps, too.

Though I hoped we had turned the 'weather corner', July seems to be holding to the same weather pattern. This humidity sure is taking it's toll on the gardens, promoting the spread of fungal issues, leaf curl, and bugs.

What to do with your roses...

To deal with fungal issues on roses, remove any black spotted leaves and clean up the leaf debris. Spray any powdery mildewed leaves with a 10% skim milk solution. See HERE for recipe.

Mulch roses well and water deeply once a week. Shallow watering will stress out your plants even more so soak them well. Do not spray the foliage with water.

Deadhead often to keep them blooming.

What to do in the garden?

Water at ground level with soaker soaker hoses 
- To prevent fungal issues, is more important than ever to make sure you …