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March Garden Ramblings

Wowsers, what a cold and snowy, soggy start to this month!

So many garden tasks to do this month, and yet, not much we can actually do outside ... precisely because of the cold and wet weather.

Remember rule number one! Never muck about in wet soil! If  you walk on wet soil, dig in it, plant in it, turn it, or otherwise muck about with it, your soil will compact into useless cement!

Wait till the snow is gone and the soil has dried up a bit before you start planting or cleaning up your beds.

Till then, lots you can do to keep busy instead...

Pick up some potting soil
Clean up the greenhouse and get it ready for planting. Take down your poly or bubble wrap insulation, sweep, wash and clean the floors, wipe off any surfaces that may harbour pests or disease.

Pick up some soil-less potting mix for starting your seeds, cuttings, pots and planters. Use a high porosity mix that offers great drainage, room for seedling roots to spread and grow, plus most importantly, to prevent damping off.