Saturday, 10 September 2011

Heirloom Tomatoes 2011

Although we had a rough start to the year with an unusually cool and wet spring, the tomatoes finally seem to have come along. Likely due to this Indian Summer that has pushed temps into the high 20's, giving the tomatoes more time in the sun. Here is a review on some of the varieties of hierlloms I grew this year, and how they fared overall.

Chocolate Stripes
 This is truly one beautiful tomato and one that I will grow again. Is a decent producer, both in the greenhouse and outside. This gorgeous medium sized tomato is quite meaty, perfect for salads and sandwiches, with a slightly tangy taste. So pretty when sliced and laid out as an appetizer with stripes of green and red throughout the fruit.

Jersey Giant
 This paste tomato is huge and blocky, shaped somewhat like a red pepper. Is very meaty with a nice, slightly sweet flavour which makes it super for sauces and salsas. Was only a fair producer this year but will absolutely give it another shot next year due to it's fabulous flavour and size.

Ivory Egg

The most prolific tomato in both the garden and the greenhouse this year. Is a very meaty, chicken egg sized tomato, creamy yellow in colour, not ivory at all. The flavour is mild enough to almost be a tad bland, so if one does not care for that tangy tomato taste, this is the one for you. Is a nice salad tomato. 

Tonadose des Conores

This cherry tomato is small, marble sized and very prolific, growing on a smaller indeterminate vine so perfect for tight spaces. The fruit is very juicy with a true tomatoey flavour, wonderful for salads and incredibly beautiful to lay the whole cluster on a plate as an edible garnish or appetizer. However, I find the skins a bit tough and so will not grow this one again, although it produced great amounts of gorgeous, shiny fruit.    

Amish Paste
A fairly prolific and tangy paste tomato. Thicker skins make it easy to peel for sauces or salsas, but can also be left on. Is a typical paste type tomato with equal meat and juiciness, therefor makes for a lovely sauce. I will grow this one again although it was only a fair producer.

Black Cherry
 This is a true favourite of mine. Is a decent producer though one of the later ones to ripen. To be fair, we did have a lousy start to the summer so perhaps a warmer start will make for earlier ripening? The flavour is the best of any cherry tomato that I have ever tasted. Is sweet yet tangy, with a thin skin, just melts in your mouth. Cannot say enough about the one, is a real winner. Will grow it over and over again. Great for fresh eating, grazing as one gardens, and salads.

Kellogg's Breakfast

A fun name for this huge, meaty, yet juicy, orange tomato. The tomatoes are immense, I was hard pressed to fit both of these on my hand at the same time, and the others on the vine are even bigger! The softball sized tomatoes are super for sandwiches, one slice will cover the entire piece of bread. Has been only fairly prolific but made up for it in size. Is certainly worth growing, especially if one enters fall harvest fairs. A sweet beefsteak with quite a bit of juiciness for such a meaty tomato. Yes! grow this one! 

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