Saturday, 19 November 2011

Greenhouse Ramblings

A spot of unseasonably cool weather combined with a broken  heater valve, has made it a touch too chilly in the greenhouse for much (comfortable) puttering.

However, the plants continue to thrive in the cool sunshine.

Roses, Geraniums,  Heliotrope and Pansies continue to bloom, while the Yucca's and Phormium's vibrant tones add a tropical feel, during these cool, autumn days.

Cleaning and organizing the greenhouse continues, despite the weather.... The re-potting area has seen much action already, crafting area had been whipped into shape, and seeding area is ready to rock and roll.

This coffee/wine nook takes up quite a bit of space, so only gets to stay till the serious seeding,  potting, and planting begins, once again.

However, this time of year is all about pretty and fun in the greenhouse, to enjoy, socialize, craft, and play. Hope to see you all at the greenhouse soon!

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