Wednesday, 23 November 2011

November Garden Ramblings

This bit of snowy, windy cool weather on our typically temperate island, has had me playing catch up indoors, as I much prefer the steady drizzle of rain to this slushy mess. However, decided to venture forth outdoors to clear my head, while shaking the heavy snow from trees and shrubs to prevent breakage.  

The David Austin English roses are remarkably resilient, not only hanging in there, but actually blossoming in these cool temps.  

Sharifa Asma

The Generous Gardener

Unknown - perhaps Jude The Obscure.

A few Snapdragons have come back to shine, as well...

Heather is flourishing...

This Pyracantha has not yet been noticed by the birds, as fruit still clings to it's branches. It's orange-berried neighbour has already been plucked bare, so perhaps this red variety is not quite as tasty?

Paperbark Birch is stunning at any time of the year.

The Fothergilla has not quite yet lost it's gorgeous, red leaves, though, I suspect that they will fall in the next week or two.
Fothergilla Mount Airy

Nandina also clings to it's fall foliage.

The native Mahonia in the neighbouring woods has begun to change from green to ruddy and then this lovely burnished red colour, while Salal remains green year round.

Today...Sun is shining, air is warmer, and rain is in the forecast. Yay.

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