Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Oh Oh, Did Something Silly Today...

I love to make up seasonal pots, planters, and baskets. 

When I do up planters, I use tons of perennials and shrubs, with just a few annuals thrown in for that seasonal pop of colour.

In these fall planters, I have used Croscosmia Emily Mackenzie, Fall Asters, winter pansies, shrub Nandina, with ornamental Redbor Kale, an annual.

This fall planter also consists of mainly perennials with two different types of ornamental Kale as the only annuals.

Grasses like Anemanthele, Pony Tail, and Blue Fescue look great in both fall planters and fall gardens, as do colourful Rudbeckia's aka Brown-Eyed Susans... shown here are Cappuccino, Gold Star, and Autumn Colours.

This 'Stacked Pot' arrangement also contains some fall herbs, Sage, Parsley, and Cilantro, as they  love the cool and damp autumn weather.

The hanging baskets contain all the regulars, plus Heather and ornamental cabbage.

Here are the some of the makings for the new winter/Christmas planters... White Heathers, red berried Hollies, and Cotoneasters.

These plants will replace those in the above fall planters.

This is Delilah, my Mastiff girl... the great chaser of deer, raccoons, bear, birds, and squirrels, plus, the light of my life.

So... Delilah and I went out today to transplant those perennials and shrubs from the fall planters... into my  garden... in preparation for winter with the new red and white theme.

I decided to also plant some tulip bulbs while I was transplanting anyway...

So... the silly thing I did today?

While I planted, Delilah barked at a chattering squirrel . I listened to them yipping at each other...laughed at them...and planted 100 tulip bulbs...  right under the tree that the squirrel was in!

Yep.. might as well have rung the dinner bell when I finished! Squirrel bulb buffet... Deep Sigh.

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