Friday, 2 December 2011

December Ramblings

 Welcome to the garden in December...

The Johnny-Jump-Ups, which burnt out in summer, are now all abloom again. They self-seed freely in the potager pathways.

Little 'Lilah is enjoying the carrots from one of our three ( really! ) winter carrot patches. Here we have Chantenays and Nantes.

The 'Tools Of My Trade" at the greenhouse...  A 20 year old child's waggon (for moving things from place to place), trusty garden fork (lifting perennials, turning compost, and digging holes in our hard-pan), a Hand Mattock (two headed tool for digging, weeding, whacking, trenching...), plus one very supportive garden companion.  

Inside the greenhouse...
I recently noticed a picture of Martha's Jade plants in a magazine somewhere, and realised that one of mine is awfully leggy.
Trimmed it back to a nice shape, took the trimmings and dipped them into a #2 rooting hormone (for it's fungicidal properties), and left them to callous over for two weeks time.
Next week, will plant them in a high porosity seeding mix with added perlite.
Hoping at least a dozen of my trimmings 'take' and become new plants.

Greenhouse Blossoms continue to thrive... though the heater is, once again, not working. It worked all of 3 days.

Just love the greenhouse all lit up in the evening.

The 'hoophouse'...  where I overwinter perennials and roses.

Beautiful weather once again... Was snowy and cold in November (typical), however, December brought sunshine and warmth. Enjoying the +7 C days.

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