Friday, 13 January 2012

January Ramblings

Ah, Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humour...

January 1st - Woke up to a few inches of snow in our wet west coast climate :(

Wall Walla Onions and Mini -Roses

The winter onions poke through the snow cover

Little 'Lilah is 2 years old and 175 lbs of Mastiff
She was overjoyed...
and pranced around like a small pup
(no she does not have upright ears, lol, this is mid-prance)

I was not nearly as happy...
Honeoye Strawberry Patch

Then came days and days of rainfall...
which I love :)

Causing our little creek bed to overflow it's banks

The greenhouse heater did not work all fall, they would repair it
 and a day or two later it would be kaput again.
Was finally fixed and running on December 23rd :)
As it was so cool and damp 
this lovely green stuff grew on all the porous pots...
But..also on the greenhouse walls :(
Fall cleaning in the greenhouse happened in January..
including the cleaning and sterilising of all the walls and table surfaces
to minimise the possibility of fungal problems on the seedlings.
I know, I know, lol
Doesn't look like much now...
but give it a few months and it will be wall to wall plants once again :)
Delilah aka Little 'Lilah

All that cleaning pooped out the 'help'
(see the green on the walls? ick)

Seeding is well under way

and.... The Christmas bulbs are finally showing off their colours.
I buy one new Amaryllis each year
but...never, ever is it actually the colour that it said it was supposed to be, lol

Hence.. here is my blush pink Amaryllis.. not! ;)

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