Sunday, 20 May 2012

Greenhouse Ramblings in May

So, once again change is afoot in the greenhouse.

Tomatoes are being hardened off under the nursery pergola 

My tomatoes are planted up in 5 gallon poly pots, ready to be strung up in the greenhouse
 as it gets emptied out and goes into the summertime growth phase.

Though my greenhouse is large by many home owners standards, it has to play many roles, and thus it changes looks and function every few weeks.

During the late winter and early spring, the greenhouse is in production phase, that is seedling, transplanting, the growing of roses and perennials.

Here, seedlings in background, mother plants for cuttings, rose standards rooting in...
In spring, it then changes around again, as roses and perennials are moved out to the cold frame (hoop house) in order to make room for the heirloom tomatoes, peppers, heat loving veggies, and annuals.

In the greenhouse, cucumbers start to emerge...

The hoop house is full of roses, transferred from the greenhouse to make room for veggies.  
Retail phase prep...most all evidence of the growing phase is moved to the outside back areas, and inside the greenhouse is set up all pretty. I love this phase :)
The roses and perennials are moved out of the hoop house into the nursery area/courtyard in order to make room for herbs and annuals in the hoop house. 

Retail and veggie growing stage
I am now starting to move the tomatoes outside, slowly, to acclimatize them or to harden them off. This gets them slowly used to being outdoors, so that they do not get sun burnt leaves. As all the plants move outside, the greenhouse will become the growing area. Will house the tomatoes and cucumbers in 5 gallon pots, with them all being indeterminate so they will be strung up to the greenhouse roof.

The nursery/courtyard houses perennials, shrubs and roses, and then accommodates the annuals and hardens off the vegetables, as well. The area is fenced off to keep deer out of the tender new plants.
Peppers growing in two gallon fibre pots in the greenhouse, along the south wall.

Tomatoes and cucumbers grow in 5 to 10 gallon black poly pots...

Peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes were trialed in the greenhouse last year and did super well

Hoop house will also be put to work this summer, in the same manner, to house either those cukes or perhaps some peppers,

As the water for the greenhouse is all collected into a cistern, and Vancouver Island gets little to no rain all summer, once the rains stop, the greenhouse is closed for business. All remaining perennial plants, shrubs, etc... are either donated to a community garden, planted, or housed out back till fall sales or next spring. The greenhouse water can only support the veggies, no extras. The nursery garden plants have to be of the do or die kind, so I choose hardy, drought tolerant specimens for out there.

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