Monday, 25 June 2012

Despite It All!

This June has been very, very cool and very, very damp :(

Even towards the end of the month, the weather is wet and cool and iffy....

Despite it all, the veggies seem to be thriving....

Cherokee Purple is putting on lots of fruit
was one of the earliest to fruit this year.
Brandywine, Peche Jaune, Kellogg's Breakfast, and Harbinger also have baby tomatoes on them.

The Early Russian Cucumber
 can be grown as a pickler or as a slicing cuke!
Ya gotta love the versatility ;) 

This long English style cucumber, Longfellow, is completely covered in blooms and small cukes

This stunning pepper with it's dark stems and veining on crisp green foliage
is the Hungarian Black Hot Pepper.
Purple blooms turn into black fruit which matures to a deep red.
Can be eaten and enjoyed at either stage!
A mid heat pepper, great for  adding zip to salsa.....
and makes a super tasty pickled pepper.

Honeoye Strawberries are beginning to ripen after two days of sunshine!

Using bird netting to keep the birds from pecking at the fruit...
and hoping to keep out the slugs, too!

Timber kitty likes to be in the middle of all the action
even when napping....

Comte de Champagne English Rose... sigh, love :)

See you soon... have a great Canada Day!

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