Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Greenhouse Ramblings in June

In the greenhouse, we have now moved from 'Retail Phase' onto "Growing Phase'...

Thank you all for coming out this spring, in support of  organic, heirloom veggies!
Plus roses and perennials, of course ;)
Boy, I  can hardly wait to see you all again!
My mind is racing, planning for next year already!

Little 'Lilah thanks you all for bringing children, she is now so enamoured with all little peeps! 

So, in the greenhouse ...

It now houses 22 tomato plants, 5 cucumber plants
more than a dozen pepper plants, one melon, and an eggplant!
Everything, except the peppers, has been strung up from the rafters
as explained here!

The pepper plants are all lined up along the south wall of the greenhouse.
They do not need stringing or caging, will just get a simple stake later on if needed.
As they are all flowering and fruiting, I have great hopes for this years harvest!

The tomatoes are flowering...!

Lots of baby cukes on this one already :)

The rest of the tomatoes are in the hoop house
8 more varieties to trial.
hoping for a really great tomato year!
but will let you know how they fare!

Currently all looks pretty good, though I do have some spittle bugs
 in the nursery and in the potager out back!
I also believe that I have some white fly in the greenhouse
which I will continue to fight with organic methods!
Yellow sticky traps and Trounce to begin with...
I will keep you informed if the problem persists!

Happy summer growing... see you in a few weeks ;)

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