Tuesday, 12 June 2012

June Ramblings

I love June!
Okay, it just so happens to be my birthday month, ha ha, but it is also the last month of school, the beginning of summer time, the month of promise, sunshine and warmth...

June this year has had more downs than ups, as far as weather goes...
A lot of rain, a bit of sun, cooler temps... and yet, the plants have just exploded in size!

Still, me, personally, would like a bit more sun, and a little less rain  ;)

Happenings In The Yard-Scape This Month...
- the lawn is growing fast and needing weekly mowing's (grr!)
- the weeds are growing twice as fast (double grr!)
- lilacs are blooming
- roses are just starting to bloom up here on the mountain, but I see that in town they are all abloom. ( we are 2 to 3 C degrees cooler than in town)
- the Hawthorn is covered in lovely red blooms... absolutely lovely!

The lavender row looks and smells divine

The perennial shade planter out back is starting to show off...
Loving the lime green Hosta's contrasted with the deep purple of the Heuchera!

My little Inca Men... they are sooo cute!

As our home is cedar trim on a deep muddy brown siding
I went with really bright contrast colours on the decks
to stand out against all those dark hues...
Golden Spirit Cotinus, Osteospermum, Schizanthus, Calibrachoa, and a bit of Bacopa

Sorry that this pic is too bright, taken on one of our brief sunny days :)
 The Red Hawthorn, on the left, is the feature in the front garden bed right now
 surrounded by tons and tons of Purple Sensation Alliums.
On the right is a Forest Pansy, Canadian Cercis... my favourite :)

I have always grown marigolds in and around my potager, especially around the tomatoes
I do companion plantings, I believe in them, and I enjoy adding flowers to the veggie patch!
Is colour, integrated gardening, plus pest control!
Wow, abit of everything... all in one little marigold!
I now only grow two types of marigolds, though I have grown them all over the years
However, I eventually decided on my two most favourite kinds
... one is the nice, short, compact Disco, preferably in red ;)
and the other is this heirloom marigold... Marvel Stripe.
It is a bit taller and fernier than the French varieties I usually grow..
so adds yet another texture to my veggie beds.  

The Johnny Jump-Ups are thriving and spreading throughout the potager
still enjoying these cooler temps...
but will soon die back as the rains stop and the sun shines.

This crazy herb bed is now full to the brim as everything has grown like mad!
Chives are blooming, edible Dianthus edges the bed, in bud but not yet in bloom...
In back you can see the huge leaves of the Red Mammoth Cabbage
Totem Strawberries on the left and garlic in the back beds 

Another shot of the herb bed from a different angle
The shelling peas have reached the top of the 5 foot trellis...eek!
and are also leaning towards the sun... away from the trellis!.. double eek!
In the centre, at the back, are the potato beds, which are also loving this weather!

Radishes have totally thrived in the cooler temps!

As has the Red Mammoth Cabbage!

The 'Minnesota Sweet' shelling peas are nearing harvest stage...
This is a favourite treat at our house
Everyone in the family loves snacking on fresh peas,
including the pups, 'Lilah and Snickers!

The potatoes have been hilled up..

I will soon be able to start peeking at the early variety
in search of new baby potatoes!

I have two rhubarb plants
One is in it's second year, the other in it's third
which means that I am finally harvesting some fruit this year.. Yay!
Lots of stewed rhubarb and maybe one strawberry rhubarb pie!

As...  the strawberries are not far behind!
These are Honeoye's, a June bearing variety
The Totem's, another June bearing variety, are almost as big and ready.
They will only fruit once a year, but fruit heavily over a two to three week period.  
They tend to ripen all at once, which makes them perfect for jams and jellies!  
The Tri-Stars (ever bearing) and Hecker's (day neutral) will produce somewhat smaller fruit,
but will fruit two to three times a year. 
I find them sweeter also, so they are great for fresh eating
and lots of strawberry shortcakes ;)  

Whew! The tomatoes have doubled in size!
Despite the cooler temps, which, I admit, had me a tad worried :(
However, they are looking awesome, and obviously thriving :)

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