Saturday, 7 July 2012

Chore Log 2nd Week of July

Here we are at Saturday again...Wow, the week fairly flew by!

All things considered, this week was fairly successful, as far as the chore list went anyway... despite the buckets and buckets of rain that we had early on in the week.

You will find that there are a few things on this week's list that are leftover's from last week.
This week the sun is out, and so the hope is that even more will be accomplished...

However, if not, they will be done the following week ;)
I take it all in stride and simply enjoy the process and the accomplishments.

That and a glass of chilled white wine after a hard days work... what's not to like?

Tristar Strawberry and shallots
Front Deer Resistant Garden 
- All chores were accomplished last week so only mowing and general upkeep required. Yay!

Deer Resistant Bed is tidy, weeded, planted and lawn has been mowed...  

The Potager
All of the jobs on last weeks list were completed, but the potager requires a fair bit of regular upkeep...

- Re-spray some areas with vinegar, this time on a hot and sunny day, as some of that last spray must have been washed off with all the rains.
- Just cleaned up the Dianthus, simply cannot bring myself to pull them up while they are still blooming or in bud...  but plenty of time to thin them out later... right? So, till then I will keep cleaning and thinning ;)
- Cut back herbs, pick some to hang and dry.
- Plant the last of the Zinnia's and Nicotiana's in any empty pockets or places.
- Keep picking strawberries, which are still fruiting like mad, and make even more jam and frozen berries. Yum! Homemade is truly the best. Have been eating homemade strawberry jam all week!
- Pick peas, blanch and freeze.
- Cleaned the chippy table and chairs with bleach earlier, to kill the mold spores. Will now give it a bit of a sanding to get rid of the dry bits... Then we will see if it measures up to 'Shabby yet Chic' or whether it is just plain old shabby and needs to be re-painted ;)

The 'crop' from the volunteer potatoes in my 'Three Sisters Bed'...
 plants have been removed and all the evidence has been consumed ;)

Long border of Dianthus...  lovely, but a bit of a thug in the garden!

Lavender and Cream Garden Bed
All chores remain the same as last week, as this bed did not get touched yet :(
- Spray weeds with vinegar by rock edging, lots of thistle!
- Weed bed
- Cut down tulips
- Finish the rock border
- Plant Liatris and late summer bloomers
- Mulch

Front Signage Garden Bed
- Cut down Alliums and Daffs
- Plant more Liatris and grasses
- Weed

Cut Lavender to dry

Long Perennial Bed
- Weed out Salal and Mahonia, plus the creepy crawly trailing Blackberry vines...
- Deadhead Lupins! I adore Lupins, likely due to the fact that they are a familiar homeland sight, grow wildly in all the ditches and road sides back in Finland and Sweden. As I let them self seed last year, I have a great many lovely, little seedlings everywhere this year.
- plant some Tutti Frutti Lupins
- pick and dry Lavender

Small Fruits Bed
- looking good, just waiting for the raspberries and blueberries to ripen

Birch Bed
- still on hold.... pshtt, just not enough time in a day, or a week ;)

Lots of tomatoes on the way, in the greenhouse and hoop house

My little greenhouse friend ;)

Greenhouse and Nursery
- Take cuttings of Diathus, Geraniums, Penstemon, and Fuchsia's
- Water/feed with Gaia Green tomato food once this week
- Move some peppers into the hoop house... they will have more room in there.
- Open side wall of hoop house
- Feed potted roses and perennials with slow release fertiliser
- Put up new yellow sticky paper, keep and eye out for white fly and aphids.
- Spray down greenhouse floor with water on hot days to cool it down.
- Wash inside greenhouse walls... somehow....  around all the veggies ....  Oh oh.

Nursery beds are now all planted up and look amazing... of course they need a year or tow to fill in, but still :)

Have a great week!

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